June 18, 2024
BTS's Taehyung and Namjoon Graduation Triumph Among Elite 6 at Nonsan Military Training Center Sparks Fan Pride, Unveiling V & RM's Military Photo
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Elite Graduation Extravaganza at Nonsan Military Training Centre – Taehyung and Namjoon Illuminate

On the distinguished date of January 16, the brilliance of BTS’s Kim Taehyung & Kim Namjoon shone brightly among the select six graduates emerging triumphantly from Nonsan Military (NM) Training Centre.

The visual spectacle, encapsulated in a viral video of the vocalists adorned in military attire during the commemorative event, swiftly captured the attention of enthusiasts far and wide.

Transition to New Assignments Post Successful Military Training

Having successfully completed their rigorous 5-week training, yes, RM & V are poised to embark on their next journey, stationed by established protocols. Their graduation signifies a momentous achievement, signifying a pivotal step in their military odyssey.

Fan Jubilation for Top-of-the-Class Graduates

Fan communities are aglow with pride moreover, not only graduate but emerge as (ES) elite soldiers. Plus, BTS ARMY, in jubilant celebration, expresses joy and extends heartfelt congratulations across various platforms, including the vibrant community on X.

Exemplary Achievements and Rigorous Criteria

Insights from a knowledgeable source underscore the stringent criteria for achieving high honors during graduation. This encompasses surpassing specific physical benchmarks such as exceeding 86 situps in 2 min, completing more than approx. 72 pushups yes, in 2 min, achieving a 1.5km run 5min & 28 sec, covering 3km in 12min & 30 sec, and securing a marksmanship score of 16/20 0 point shots.

Culmination of Success: Taehyung and Namjoon Graduation Triumph Among Elite 6 gaining “Elite Soldier” Status

Moreover, with conclusion of their intensive 5week training, both stand out as the foremost graduates yes, in their respective classes, & plus earning the esteemed title of called “Elite Soldier.”

Acknowledging their “Elite Soldier” (ES) status, V & RM, alongside the 4 other distinguished honorees, are slated to relish a special 1 day amidst their families beyond the confines of training facility—an apt and well-deserved reward for their outstanding accomplishments.

RM’s Instagram Unveiling: A Glimpse into Taehyung and Namjoon’s Graduation

In a post-graduation revelation, RM, a prominent member of BTS, shares a captivating series of high-definition images on his Instagram account. These snapshots immortalize the proud moments of both himself & Kim Taehyung, commemorating their achievement as elite trainees. Plus, Nonsan Training Center serves as a fitting backdrop for this significant accomplishment.

V’s Strategic Mission: Capital Defence Command Special Duty Team (SDT)

In a strategic maneuver, V has made deliberate choice to go to yes, Army’s Capital (AC) Defence Command (DC) Special Duty Team. Informed sources suggest that Taehyung will undergo an further 3weeks of training, meeting the prerequisites for his mission squad enrollment prior to seamlessly transitioning to his designated unit.

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