June 18, 2024
Captain Taehyung Sets Sail: Advanced 3-Week Training at Army General Administration School Post-Basic Training
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Yes, an advanced 3-Week training at Army General Administration School!

Insights on BTS Members’ Military Journey

The current notification from BH not only unveiled the forthcoming military agendas for BTS members whereas also shed light on the intricacies of their service. As of Jan 15 Taehyung, + Namjoo, Jimin, & Jungkook are on a collective path towards fulfilling their Army duties.

Dive into Training Commencement and Graduation Ceremony

The shared press release specifically underlined the imminent completion of the 4 members’ primary 5 week training. Organized to finalize on Jan 16, this milestone denotes the transition to the subsequent phase of their service at the training camp. The recruit training graduation ceremony, a momentous event, is poised to formalize their entry into the active military duties.

Kim Taehyung’s Distinctive Military Route Advanced 3-Week Training at Army General Administration School

The uniqueness of Taehyung’s military journey adds an intriguing dimension to BTS’s collective narrative. Post the initial 5-week training, he embarks on an extra 3-week training, deviating from the conventional trajectory.

This distinctive path leads him to the (AGA) Army Administration School, where he will hone specialized skills. His ultimate assignment in the (SMU) Special Mission division of (CDC) Capital Defense Command demands an extended period of preparatory training, underscoring the gravity of his chosen role.

Fan Mobilization and Outpour on Social Media

The revelation about Taehyung’s extended training prompted an outpour of emotions from supporters on diverse social media outlets. Devotees flooded the digital space, expressing unwavering support & best wishes for his unique journey. Terming him “our captain,” supporters conveyed a sense of longing and pride, showcasing the deep connection between the BTS members and their global fanbase.

Kim Taehyung’s Military Service Unveiled: Pursuit of Special Mission Unit

Embarking on V’s obligatory service on Dec 11, 2023, V seeks a unique role in the (SM) Special Mission division under the (CDC) Capital Defence Command, directly commanded by South Korea’s President.

The Special Mission Unit (SDT): Guardians of Corps Headquarters

Plus, SDT, a vital army police division at corps headquarters, shoulders responsibilities ranging from speedy responses to violence, plus crime, & counter-terrorism operations exactly to arresting army deserters. V’s choice reflects a commitment to high-stakes missions within the military infrastructure.

Post-Ceremony Developments: Family Reunion and Intensive Training

Following the enlistment ceremony, V is granted a meeting with his parents. A swift transition awaits on Jan 18, as he moves to Army Administrative School exist in Yeongdong, SK province North Chungcheong (NC). Here, an intense 3-week supplementary training program unfolds.

Comprehensive Training Regimen: Skills Enhancement and Varied Disciplines

The extra training encompasses PRI training (Shooting mastery), + CQB called (internal mobile combat mastery), morning running, & SDT equipment training. Beyond the rigorous schedule, personal maintenance time, inclusive of TV & PX use, is factored in. The training is a collaborative effort, involving elements from the Navy, Army, plus Marine Corps, & Air Force.

Transition to Deployment: Special Mission Unit Awaits

Post exhaustive training at (AAS) Army Administrative School, V is poised for deployment to his designated wing within Special Mission wing. This marks the culmination of his preparatory journey, leading to an active role in the specialized unit.

Fan Emotions Unveiled: Pride and Concern

Devotees, upon learning of V’s extended training, represented a mix of pride and concern. Bestowing upon him the title of “Our Captain,” they admired his unwavering determination to embrace challenges, showcasing a readiness to tread uncharted paths.

The unique blend of pride and worry encapsulates the emotional connection between BTS members and their dedicated fan base.

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