June 17, 2024
Defying Cosmetic Trends: Yoo Jitae, Jeon Doyeon And Park Seojoon Rejecting Plastic Surgery
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Some celebs like Yoo Jitae plus Jeon Do Yeon and Park Seojoon Rejecting Plastic Surgery openly.

Resilience Against Cosmetic Enhancement in Celebrities:

Globally, among the vast 8 billion populace, each individual possesses distinct attractive traits. Yet, numerous individuals opt for aesthetic surgery to achieve their desired appearance, a trend particularly prevalent in the showbiz sector. This domain often exerts immense pressure on celebrities to undergo beauty enhancements. However, some celebrities remain steadfast in maintaining their natural appearance.

Park Seo Joon’s Stance on His Appearance:

So, during the current episode of tvN’s called ‘U Quiz on Block,’ broadcasted on Dec 13th, Park Seo Joon opened up about his insecurities concerning his eyes. He recounted facing negative remarks about his features during his initial television impressions.

Park Seo Joon acknowledged that he was declared to consider cosmetic surgery despite choosing not to. He reflected, “There were points when I contemplated it, mainly during eras of harsh criticism. The notion of continually infusing in an unpredictable future & the battle to conserve one’s image is daunting. Nonetheless, persevering through it eventually led to favorable outcomes.”

Yoo Ji Tae’s Rejection of Cosmetic Alterations:

Likewise, Yoo Jitae confronted suggestions for facial modifications prematurely in his acting journey. He newly shared on the YouTube program ‘Salon Drip 2’ that he was counseled to alter his eyes, nose, and mouth at the onset of his career. Despite this, Yoo Jitae confidently maintained that his natural build holds its own merit in his acting occupation.

Jeon Do Yeon’s Contentment with Her Features:

Jeon Doyeon, too, was proposed cosmetic changes during her younger years. She divulged on ‘U Quiz on Block’ in March that she used to be self-conscious concerning her double eyelids as a child, & somebody even instructed a more sophisticated-looking surgery for her.

Contrary to the advice, Jeon Doyeon defined her contentment with her facial features, stating, “I’m fond of my face. I’ve always admired my seemingly imperfect features since my youth.

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