June 18, 2024
SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan Takes Health Hiatus After Ankle Surgery – Fans Show Support
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Jeonghan Takes Health Hiatus After Ankle Surgery!

Jeonghan’s Healing Phase After Ankle Surgery:

Jeonghan is presently recuperating after experiencing ankle surgery. PLEDIS Entertainment publicized on Dec 14 that Jeonghan had AS ankle surgery & is now in a recuperation phase. He’ll not be joining forthcoming “FOLLOW” trip in Fukuoka, + Bangkok, Bulacan, & Macao, prioritizing his well-being.

Official Update from PLEDIS Entertainment:



So, we’re here to deliver info on Jeonghan, concentrating on his health & future participation.

Jeonghan had earlier injured his left ankle & received considerable non-invasive treatments. Despite a strong commitment to engage in all prepared activities, he persisted in partaking while experiencing habitual medical consultations.

During the current tour, Jeonghan encountered an aggravation of his ankle pain. He instantly sought medical attention & was declared to have surgery. Plus he was hospitalized on December 13, & underwent surgery on Dec 14. Moreover, surgery was successful, & he’s now in the process of convalescing.

We determined that concentrating on his recuperation and rehabilitation is paramount at this moment. Consequently, Jeonghan will not be capable to follow the coming SEVENTEEN TOUR in country Japan’s Fukuoka, and additinally concerts in Asia, plus Bangkok, Bulacan, & Macao. So, we require your understanding and support.

We’re fully devoted to aiding in Jeonghan’s treatment & recovery so Jeonghan can return to his supporters in his best state.

Thank you.

We wish Jeonghan a speedy & thorough recovery.

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