March 4, 2024
Bae Hyun Sung, Jung Chaeyeon And Hwang Inyeop To Light Up Screens in Coming Romance Drama

Yes, are you excited! Bae Hyun Sung, + Jung Chaeyeon And Hwang Inyeop To Light Up Screens in Coming Romance Drama called ” Family by Choice

A fresh drama is on the horizon with Hwang InYeop, DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon, & Bae Hyun Sung verified as the headliner stars. 

This notification was created on December 13, proclaiming their roles in the forthcoming JTBC serial “Family by Choice,” presently a working title.

Plot Overview of “Family by Choice:”

So, this drama revolves around a romantic narrative featuring 3 main characters. These individuals, not linked by blood but who spent their teenage years together claiming to be a family, find their paths crossing again after a decade apart.

Hwang In Yeop as Kim San Ha:

Hwang Inyeop is selected to illustrate Kim SanHa, a character who embodies both charm and perfection. Having spent his youth with Yoon JooWon and Kang HaeJoon as if they were siblings, SanHa’s unexpected return after 10 years adds a layer of intrigue to the plot. Audiences are eager to see Hwang InYeop’s interpretation of SanHa, a character with hidden complexities.

Jung Chaeyeon as Yoon Joo Won:

Jung Chaeyeon will arise as JooWon, a character known for her positivity and resilience. Raised by a father who owns a kalguksu restaurant, JooWon has always seen Kim SanHa and Kang HaeJoon as her family, despite others’ opinions. Chaeyeon’s portrayal of this warm-hearted and endearing character is highly anticipated.

Bae Hyun Sung as Kang Hae Joon:

In the drama, Bae HyunSung will step into the shoes of Kang HaeJoon, a character radiating a bright and lovable aura, despite facing early life challenges. His deep affection for Yoon JooWon and Kim SanHa, who became his makeshift family, is central to his role. Particularly, Hae Joon’s dedication to basketball, aiming to honor Yoon JooWon’s father, adds to the character’s appeal.

Production Team’s Insight:

The production team of this play “Family by Choice” shared their thoughts, stating, “This play conveys the message that a collection of small, joyful memories can shape a loving & mature adult life. The audience should anticipate the realistic depiction of the trio’s journey, who stood as each other’s dependable family, regardless of external opinions.”

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