June 18, 2024
Exciting Pairing: Jung Haein Confirmed, Jung Somin Potential Co-Star in Rom-Com Drama
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Yes, He’s back again. Jung Haein Confirmed, Jung Somin Potential Co-Star in Rom-Com Drama.

Jung Hae In’s Comeback in a New Romantic Comedy

Jung Haein set to grace the television screens once again in a forthcoming romantic comedy series.

Announcement of “Mom’s Friend’s Son”

Yes, on 13th, the info broke out that HaeIn has been cast as the lead in tvN’s forthcoming drama, called “Mom’s Friend’s Son.” 

This romantic comedy intention to explore the lives of SeokRyu, who’s scrutinizing to shift her life around, & Choi SeungHyo, who’s glimpsed as a negative influence in Bae’s past. 

This play will be directed by JeWon & penned by HaEun, known for their pieces in “Hometown ChaChaCha.” Jung Somin is presently in discussions to potentially star as SeokRyu.

Character Details: Choi Seung Hyo

In this play, Jung HaeIn will embody the character of Choi SeungHyo, who plays a powerful part in the life of SeokRyu’s mother. 

SeungHyo is recognized as a leading young architect in Korea, heading the architecture atelier In. Not only is he skilled & good-looking, but he also possesses an ideal personality. 

His complex past intertwines with Bae SeokRyu, a connection dating back to their childhood encounter in a bathhouse. Their story, beginning with sharing banana milk as children, adds intrigue to their reunion as adults.

Jung Hae In’s Recent Ventures

So, earlier in 2023, HaeIn gained acclaim for his performance in the “D.P S2.” Furthermore, he recently captivated audiences with his special part in “12.12: The Day.”

Upcoming Filming and Release

Filming for MFS “Mom’s Friend’s Son” now slated to begin next year, with plans for the play to premiere in the latter half of 2024. 

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