May 28, 2024
Bae In Hyuk Set to appear Alongside Lee Se Young In Time Travel Serial “Parks Contract Marriage Story"
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Bae In Hyuk Set to appear Alongside Lee Se Young In Time Travel Serial “Parks Contract Marriage Story.”

As, titled written, Lee SeYoung feature in the forthcoming time-travel serial “Parks Contract Marriage Story,” however, Bae In Hyuk’s participation had already earlier verified, it was disclosed toady on 21st.

Parks Contract Marriage Story plot

However, the serial “Park’s Contract Marriage,” (PCMS) that’s based upon a webtoon, an agreement-based marriage among TaeHa, a bachelor, & YeonWoo. YeonWoo unexpectedly loses her spouse on the very 1st wedding night in era or old 19th-century era called Joseon. When she wakes up, Yeonwoo discovers herself in the different new era 21st century, after that, where she ultimately decides to enter into a contracted marriage/ wedding with the bachelor TaeHa for an entirely different purpose.

Cast role

Kang TaeHa’s leading character as a bachelor will undoubtedly be acted by one & only Bae InHyuk. Se Young is set to portray YeonWoo, a character from the era Joseon Dynasty (JD) she travels through time approx. 200 years & enters in South Korea the year 2023 shortly after being tossed into a deep well by an unidentified individual. Park YeonWoo encounters TaeHa here, a man who looks a lot like her late spouse and the man she eventually marries under an agreement. She is frantically looking for a means to get back to Joseon when everything starts to shift as she develops some affection for her spouse TaeHa.

About Lee Se Young & Bae In hyuk

With his recent roles in dramas like “Cheer Up,” also “Why her,Bae Inhyuk is generating hopes for a fresh appearance.

Lee SeYoung has received special praise for her flawless character digestion in a number of works, including “Red Sleeves,” “Kairos,” plus “The Law Café.” She radiates an array of attractions thanks to her strong acting abilities.

Drama Releasing period

The serial is scheduled to premiere in the 2nd part of 2023.

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