April 24, 2024
Bomin feature In coming Spirit Fingers Serial
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Bomin feature In coming Spirit Fingers Serial ! A Webtoon-Based Serial

Today, on the 23rd of March, Bomin’s management company called Woollim Entertainmen declared that Bomin would portray SeonHo in the coming serial “Spirit Fingers.”

About Bomin

Bomin made his boy band (GC) Golden Child début in the year 2017, then he began acting profession in the (PS) Playlist Studio webserial “ATEEN 2” back in 2019. Furthermore, he demonstrated his acting prowess in plays like “Melting Me Softly,” plus “18 Again,” as well as “Shadow Beauty.”

Spirit Fingers plot

“Spirit Fingers,” (SF) is a serial which is centered on a well-known webtoon of the exact title, it follows the story of WooYeon, a frightened high school girl who’s overly conscious of the people near her while is unable to fully articulate her own emotions. The drama will depict what it is like for WooYeon to learn what triggers her heart to race as well as how the world turns when she starts to appreciate her own self as well as gives herself a chance to speak.

Bomin & Park JiHu role

It was disclosed prior in Feb that Song WooYeon’s female protagonist, Park Ji Hu, respectively, is in negotiations for the role.

(KSH) Koo SeonHo is the senior vice president of (SF) Spirit Fingers, a group of unique individuals, plus he’s charming, kind, plus talented at making drawings. SeonHo had a deep crush on GeuRin, the president of (SF) Spirit Fingers, over the past 7 years.

Production Timetable

Filming on the (SF) “Spirit Fingers” is scheduled to start in March, along with a transmission timetable that is currently being reviewed.

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