May 28, 2024
Choi Hyun Wook Alongside Nam Jihyun And Kim Moo Yeol Confirmed To Star In The Teen Serial "Hi Cookie"
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Choi Hyun Wook alongside Nam Jihyun and Kim Moo Yeol confirmed to star in the teen serial “Hi Cookie.”

“High Cookie,” a drama helmed by Song Minyeop & written by Kang Han.

About “Hi Cookie”

However, this High-teen fantasy crime suspense drama “Hi Cookie” narrates the tale of home-cooked cookies that turns wishes into reality with only a single bite. Three actors, Nam Jihyun, Choi Hyun Wook, & Kim Moo Yeol, are planning to represent a group of people who are battling their own needs in a swamp composed of baked cookies that they mistakenly believed to be a delicious oasis among the desert.

Actors and their roles:

1- Nam Jihyun:

The contract factory worker Sooyeong will be represented by Nam Jihyun. Soo Young is responsible for looking after her sister, who’s 3 years younger, following the tragic accident that killed her parents. She took on the role of family provider as soon as she turned 18 years old.

For the sake of trying to support herself & her younger sister, Sooyoung quit high school and started working at some factory. She also took on a number of odd side jobs. But one day, after her sister falls into some problems due to a baked cookie, she puts everything on the line to save her.

2- Choi Hyunwook:

Seo Hosoo, portrayed by Choi Hyunwook, is a third-year pupil at Jeonghan (HS) High School, a prestigious elite high school within Korea. He’s a brilliant youngster who consistently earns top grades there.

Although his father has since gone missing, his mother is currently battling cancer. He’s persistently working towards his education even in a challenging environment but frequently falls victim to his wealthy classmates, earning him the nickname “hogu” (meaning “easy to use”).

3- Kim Moo Yeol:

Last but not least, Yoo Seongpil, a shadowy school admissions consultant, is depicted by Kim Moo Yeol. Seongpil helps his students get into the universities they choose by using any means required, even illegal ones.

Although no one requested him to, he attends Junghan School to serve as an advisor for the whole third-grade class, & as soon as he arrives, he begins to gradually make known his true objectives.

Releasing period:

“Hi Cookie”, a tv drama is scheduled to be aired in the second half of 2023.

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