May 28, 2024
Writer Eunsook Brings Kim Woobin And Suzy Back Together For Epic Fantasy Rom-Com Drama
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Writer Eunsook Brings Kim Woobin And Suzy Back Together For Epic Fantasy Rom-Com Drama!

Get ready for the most anticipated reunion of the year with Kim Woo Bin & Bae Suzy!

Both actors are cast together for the forthcoming television series called “All ur Wishes Would Come True” following on the fourteenth of June, as reported by the production agency Hwa&Dam Pictures.

About drama

This fantasy romantic comedy centres on an excessively sentimental genie who is imprisoned within a lamp & the lady who aids him in escaping. Suzy is set to portray the emotionless human Ga Young, who govern one another’s life & death, also make a total of 3 wishes/ desires, whether they’re for good fortune or retribution. On the other hand, Kim Woobin is set to portray a volatile genie.

Writer & director

However, the television series will be written by author Kim Eunsook, a well-known author of popular plays including “The Glory,” plus “Goblin,” “Mister Sunshine,” & “Heirs” (Kim Woobin acted in this play too), whereas it will be directed by Lee Byunghun, who also made “Extreme Job” & “Melo My Nature.”

Releasing period & ep

This drama will be broadcast in 2024 & contains a total of 12 episodes.

Actors old drama

Additionally, Kim Woobin & Suzy formerly appeared alongside in the renowned 2016 serial “Uncontrollably Fond.”

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