April 24, 2024
Jang Hyuk and Jang Narajang hyuk and jung nara
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The iconic duo is back on screen! “Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara” finally comeback in a new serial/ drama Family after nine years alongside Chae Jung Ahn plus Kim Nam Hee.

So, in the comedic spy drama “Family”, protagonist- a black NIS spy man pretends as a regular office employee and a caring but ferocious wife who wants to have an ideal family/household.

Jang Nara Role

Jang Nara will portray YuRa, as DoHoon’s spouse and a housekeeping specialist who struggles to maintain the ideal imaginary household she dreamed up after meeting her partner. Her kind personality masks a hidden secret, though.

Jang Hyuk Role

As DoHoon, a NIS black spy who pretends a worker for a trading firm & YuRa’s spouse, JangHyuk, is a protagonist. Because of his profession as a skilled sniper with such rapid, precise, & clean shooting, he can be utterly irresponsible toward his family. Yet, he’s a man full of much more affection for his spouse.

It’ll be stars “Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara” 4rth work together in addition, in the past nine years, which is noteworthy. These two stars who’ve already established themselves as a “powerful pairing” and have captivated fans through their onscreen chemistry.

In the past, this duo has worked on plays, including “Success Story of Cheerful Girl,” plus “Fated to Love You,” & “Old Goodbye”. Fans will thus have high hopes for the duo’s upcoming work.

Kim Nam Hee Role

In addition, Nam Hee will portray TaeGoo, the uninvited & mysterious visitor to DoHoon & YuRa’s home. He’s a hasty personality, struggling with a job that requires him to prove himself along with the joy of the moment. He arrives to overturn the life of YuRa. She served as a symbol of hope for him in the past.

Chae Jung An Role

Last but not least, Chae Jung An portrays ChunRyun, a skilled NIS operator & sharpshooter for DoHoon. ChunRyun is a lonely lady even though she seems to have a lavish lonely life. Despite having gone through three divorces, she tries her best to support DoHoon in keeping his marriage till the very end.

So, the release of “Family” is scheduled for April.

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