May 28, 2024
Kim Young Kwang & Kim Namgil Will Feature In The Coming New Series "Trigger"
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Kim Young Kwang & Kim Namgil Will Feature In The Coming New Series “Trigger.”

Based on StarNews’ exclusive report disclosed on the 18th, “The male leads in Netflix’s coming new series “Trigger” are scheduled to be played by star Kim Young Kwang & Kim Namgil.”

This series’ author will be Kwon Ohseung, who also wrote & directed the movie called “Midnight.”

About “Trigger”

The thriller & action series “Trigger” depicts the tale of two guys who see & have different definitions of weapons. A work or a process of addressing the challenges of a guy who must use a weapon/gun to defend those in danger versus a guy who is forbidden from ever holding a gun while they are accessible in Korea.

Plus, what actually happens when weapons from unidentified sources are launched in Korea, a weapon/ gun-free country also, citizens are angry & are getting weapons one by one.

Kim Nam Gil & Kim Young Kwang roles

Kim Namgil will play the LeeDo role, the main character who is on the verge of a mystery gun incident. Olympic gold medallist LeeDo, a former military sharpshooter, & currently works as a police officer.

Kim Young Kwang received or played the Munbaek role, a character with multiple charms who eventually rises to prominence in the world/ groups of arms dealers after undergoing a number of twists and unexpected turns.

Production & released year

The latest Netflix original series, namely, “Trigger” cost roughly 30 billion won to produce. Filming will begin this year & planning to air in 2024.

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