May 28, 2024
Hong Kyung And Roh Yoon Seo Take On Iconic Roles In "Hear Me" 2009 Taiwanese Film Remake
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In South Korean remake of namely “Hear Me,” an old 2009 movie; Hong Kyung alongside Noh Yoon Seo both set for the primary roles.

Agency statement

“The main protagonists in the local version of the Taiwanese movie “Hear Me” will include Hong Kyung & Noh Yoonseo,” as stated by an entertainment insider informed SportsChosun on 15th May.

About “Hear Me”

This romantic movie “Hear Me,” which premiered in Taiwan, tells the tale of a male who fell in love at 1st glance/ sight with a hearing-impaired woman & a girl (he liked) who communicates with her hands. Certain parts may alter when it is adapted for the Korean version.

Moreover, the primary protagonists in the (TV) Taiwanese version, Jin Euiham & Feng Yuyan, attracted people’s interest when it came out in Korea.

About Hong Kyung & Noh Yoonseo

Furthermore, In the channel Wave original television series called “Weak Hero,” which premiered last year & attracted a lot of interest- Hong Kyung performed a pivotal part as the lead. Plus, he additionally left a huge impression through the Netflix series, namely “DP.”

Noh Yoonseo made her acting debut in the channel tvN series called, “Our Blues,” plus “One Other Scandal,” also the film, named “20th Century Girl,” plus she also had a cameo in the newly aired Netflix original television series “Black Knight.”

Production month

Lastly, it’ll begin production in the coming August.

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