March 4, 2024
Park Eunbin + Chae Jong Hyeop Alongside Cha Hak Yeon & Others New RomCom Serial Confirms 2023 Release
Park Eunbin + Chae Jong Hyeop alongside Cha Hak Yeon & others new romcom serial confirms 2023 release.

The debut of the latest tvN serial “Diva of Deserted Island” (DODI) is approaching!

About “Diva of Deserted Island”

This serial is comedy with romance- shares a young woman tale who ended up on a lonely island when she going to city Seoul to join a singing competition program.

Actors & their roles

Park Eunbin

Mokha, a young woman who gets saved from an isolated island following fifteen years lonely on the island, officially will performed by Park Eunbin. Mokha bravely embarks on her journey & to realize her ambition of being a singer in a strange & foreign environment. Despite the difficulties & problems she faces, Mokha never loses her smile & optimism.

Chae Jong Hyeop

Kang Bogeol, a broadcasting PD means (production director) responsible for the production of musical variety program, officially will depicted by Chae Jong Hyeop. However, he meets Mokha, who ended up abandoned on lonely island for almost 15 years, whilst conducting volunteer activities, & their fates are interwoven.

Cha Hak Yeon

Woohak, Kang Bogeol’s big brother plus a reporter for the YGN News Agency’s (NA) Social Affairs division, will depicted by star Cha Hak Yeon. Woohak is a passionate individual with an insatiable sense of curiosity & a deep love towards his family.

Kim Hyojin

Ranjoo, who was formerly a dazzling big superstar however is currently a forgotten historical figure without any followers, will depicted by Kim Hyojin in the drama. Even though she shies away from doing anything new out of fear of failing, meeting her devoted fan Mokha leads her to go through another life-changing experience.

Kim Joo Heon

Lastly, Kim Joo Heon officially depict the character of Seojoon, the CEO of (EO) entertainment organization that RanJoo is a part of. He’s a successful individual who has a sterling reputation, impeccable manners, plus a 1-man firm that has evolved into a sizable entertainment business.

Director & writer

Earlier collaborating on the serials named “While u Were Sleeping” & “Start-Up,” creator/ director name, Oh Choonghwan plus screenwriter named Park Hyeryun are going to team up once more for this fresh drama.

Broadcasting time

tvN debut of the serial “Diva of Deserted Island” (DODI) is slated for the 2nd portion of 2023.

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