May 28, 2024
Han Jieun With Hwang Minhyun Now In Talks For Drama "Study Group"
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Han Jieun with Hwang Minhyun Now In Talks For Drama “Study Group.

Han Jieun and Hwang Minhyun might be getting ready to star in a brand-new drama.

So, according to insiders on June 7, “Han Jieun will play the protagonist in TVING’s original series called Study Group (SG) on June 7.”

Additionally, on the 22nd of May, a company source stated that Hwang Minhyun would play the primary character in serial called “Study Group.”

Actors agency statements

Jieun’s management company SECRET ENT reacted to the article by declaring, “Han Jieun got a proposal to act in ‘Study Group,’ & she’s actively reviewing the proposal.”

Later, a person from PLEDIS Ent answered the rumours by saying, “Hwang Minhyun got a proposal to act in ‘Study Group’ serial. He’s favourably evaluating the proposal.”

About “Study Group”

Adapted on the exact-ireum webtoon, “Study Group” (SG) depicts the daily life of Gamin, a pupil who wishes he was great at studying; however, is actually just best at fighting. Gamin creates a study squad at the most awful school in the world & tells a savage tale about college admission examinations.

Actors & expected roles

Gamin, who appears to be model pupil yet attends 1 of the most failing high schools, namely Yusung Technical School, would reportedly be played by Minhyun. His academic results don’t improve at all despite his intense study habits.

Despite everything, Gamin works hard in his work area with the intention of attending college. Gamin, nevertheless, removes his glasses & uniform blazer to use his combat/ fighting abilities when his study crew/ group mates are being bullied.

Han Jieun is in discussions to portray Gamin’s tutor Hankyung. Gamin was a pupil of Hankyung when she was in uni, & they will be reunited when Hankyung is hired as an interim instructor at (YT) Yusung Technical School.

Director & shooting

In charge of directing “Study Group” (SG) will be Lee Janghoon. Based on reports, shooting will start as soon as the stars have been chosen.

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