May 28, 2024
Park Ji Hoon And Hong Ye Ji Will Be In New KBS Drama 'Fantasy Sonata'
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Park Ji Hoon and Hong Ye Ji will be in new KBS drama ‘Fantasy Sonata’.

As per numerous reporters on 3rd March, (PJH) Park Ji Hoon reportedly got a proposal to act in ‘Fantasy Sonata’ and is arranging the timetable with the production staff. While Hong Ye Ji is already chosen as the ‘Fantasy Sonata’ female protagonist.

Plot and role of Fantasy Sonata

In this romance fantasy historical serial, a man with 2 very different personalities & the woman who adores him experience new love and ferocious obsession.

SajoHyun and AkHee, 2 characters with opposing personalities, are portrayed by (PJH) Park Ji Hoon. It demonstrates a man who genuinely loves a girl & discovers the meaning of life, in addition to a person who believes that long-term obsession & jealousy are signs of real love.

Yeon Wol, a character played by (HYJ) Hong Ye Ji, captured the hearts of SajoHyun and AkHee, two characters with opposing personalities.

Director & author

Inspired by a webtoon of the same title by writer Ban JiWoon this serial is highly awaited as the 2nd drama named ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’.

Also, ‘Healer’ plus ‘King of Baking’ plus ‘Queen for seven Days’ Kim Tak Goo’ also ‘Dan One Love’ finally ‘Dali & Cocky Prince’ all directed by PD Lee Jeong Seop- all these are mega hits projects. Additionally, Yoon KyungAh is a collaborative artist in this project.

About Hong Ye Ji

The lead in KBS 2TV’s coming serial ‘Fantasy Sonata,’ she was chosen after facing tough competition. With her elegant look, she radiates a lot of attraction. She appeared in the film ‘2037’ after being discovered on Mnet’s show ‘Produce 48.’

About Park Ji Hoon

He previously appeared in JTBC dramas example, ‘Love Revolution’ & ‘Joseon Marriage Agency,’ and many more. Specifically, the series broadcast last year called ‘Weak Hero Class1’ earned favourable reviews as his rediscovery. Right After the series, “Weak Hero Class1,” he got numerous proposals.

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