July 12, 2024
Morning Kiss At Tiffany'sWebnovel Morning Kiss At Tiffany's
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Ridi’s webnovel, ‘Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s’ will be produced as a drama.

In order to create a drama adaptation of the webnovel namely, “Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s,” (CPA) the content platform agency Ridi lately signed a (VC) video content arrangement with the drama creator named ‘The Great Show.’ This was announced on Monday, March 6.

Ridi representative statement

As stated by a Ridi representative, “This novel has a lively plot & delicate expression of emotions, and so many viewers have been awaiting to see it turned into a drama. We intend to create a captivating tv series in order to live upto that same reputation of this magnificent novel.”

“Morning Kiss at Tiffany’s” plot

The romantic comedy webnovel depicts the tale of Yoo HaRi, a former landlord of the luxurious (TB) Tiffany Building who’s suddenly become a maid/housekeeper right after her 1st love Cha EunHo takes over her building. Orange D, a division of Ridi, released the novel.

This Korean produced webnovel was written by author Jung Soo Hyun, who’s also famous for creating the dialogue for the renowned comedy series called “Nonstop.” So, this novel would be turned into a tv series. The webnovel was praised highly for its distinctive characters but also delightful settings, so it quickly earned fame after it was released.

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