June 18, 2024
V's Unprecedented Triumph: K-Pop Solo Album Tops Billboard 200 for Record Duration
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V’s Unprecedented Triumph: K-Pop Solo Album that Tops Billboard 200 for Record Duration!

Remarkable Comeback of BTS’s V with “Layover:”

Three months post its initial launch, the album called “Layover” launched by V has remarkably returned to the BB 200 chart. Initially released in Sep, this solo venture from V quickly soared to the yes, No2 spot on the official BB Top 200 Albums, establishing a record for the toppest, highest position attained by a K-solo musician. This impressive entry led to its existence on the BB chart for 7 straight weeks, a first for any Korean solo artist.

V’s Historical Record on Billboard 200:

Plus, on Dec 5, BB Billboard announced that “Layover” has now made a re-entry at No176 on the BB 200. This marks its 8 weeks, albeit non-consecutive, publically on the chart. So, this achievement sets a new milestone, as V now becomes the 1st K-solo artist to have an album featured for 8 weeks on the BB 200. This surpasses the previous record held by RM, another BTS member, whose album “Indigo” now remained on the BB chart for 7 consecutive weeks.

Sustained Success on Various Charts:

Additionally, “Layover” has witnessed a resurgence, & climbing to No24 on BB’s Top Presently Album Sales chart (asc) & No35 on Top Album Sales chart. So, this signifies its 12th week officially on both charts. Plus, the title track named, “Slow Dancing” now performing well too, ranking at No140 in 12th week. Another track, “Love Me Again,” holds the No194 spot ongoing in 15th week.

V’s Solo Artist Ranking:

Moreover, V has now achieved a notable position on BB Billboard’s Artist 100, ranking at No83.

Celebrating V’s Historic Milestone:

This re-entry and sustained performance of “Layover” on various charts is a testament to V’s enduring popularity and talent. It’s a moment of celebration for V, as he continues to set new records and elevate the standard for Korean solo artists in the global music scene.

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