May 28, 2024
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The Highly-Anticipated BTS V 1st ever Solo Album Unveil Release Date and Track List!

V is close to ready to make his formal/official solo debut!

Plus V’s ‘Layover’, which is slated to be issued on the eighth of Sep at 1PM as per KST, & was introduced with a brief trailer on Aug 8.

Additional information, particularly the track list, was disclosed in a note on BTS’s (OW) official Weverse.

BIG HIT Statement

Furthermore, The whole message is provided below:

We’re delighted to provide additional information regarding the forthcoming debut of BTS Taehyung official solo album called Layover.

Plus, 6 tracks total—& 5 tracks plus a bonus track—exist in the Layover album. However, We advise listening to KTH entire album in order from beginning to end to properly comprehend its flow.


“Rainy Days” + “Blue” + “Love Me Again” + “Slow Dancing” + “For Us” + “Slow Dancing that’s (Piano Ver.)”

+ Pre-orders will be accepted starting at 11AM on Aug 8, KST.

+ Release time: Friday, Sept 8, around 1PM KST.

Plus, It came to light previously that V is officially collaborating on his debut solo album (SA) with Min Heejin.

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