May 28, 2024
2023 K-Film Unlocked Review, Ending, Cast & Plot
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K-Film Unlocked Review, Ending, Cast & Plot

About Korean Film Unlocked

Film English Name: Unlocked
Genre: Mystery
Korean Title: 스마트폰
Country: Korea
Status: Completed
Year: 2023

Unlocked Summary/ Synopsis

The guy who stole Nami’s mobile he tried his best to open it. He shattered the phone’s screen after that failed and instructed Nami to pick up her mobile from a repair center. She just focused on fixing the phone without considering her environment or the circumstances.

The stranger was able to reach her mobile thanks to 1 single foolish action from her. He made a copy of her mobile while using spyware, so he could easily keep an eye on everything she did.

On the other hand, the killer left no clues when the police found a woman’s disfigured corpse hidden deep within a mountain woodland. They were only able to take plant food from the site. When JiMan saw, he was curious and he made an effort to validate his hunch. He has doubts about his kid. For 7 years, JiMan had not spoken to his son JunYeong (Im Si Wan). He had no idea that he would become a killer.

The psychotic stranger maintained a close eye on Nami (Chun Won Hee). He was fully aware of every aspect of her existence. and was aware of her secrets.

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Unlocked Cast

2023 K-Film Unlocked Review, Ending, Cast & Plot

Unlocked Ending

Here is Unlocked Ending!

When JunYeong shared a photo of Nami along with her coworkers and wrote, “I detest working here plus I want to leave the company,” Nami’s professional career was totally ruined. No one was willing to accept it when she hurried to her workplace to describe how she had been hacked. Rather than blaming EunJoo for that post as he had planned, Nami turned to her for solace. They attempted to inform the event to the (CS) cyber security unit, but they found that it was more difficult than they had imagined.

On a hilltop, seven more corpses were discovered. JiMan and JeongOh made the choice to track down JunYeong. Nami discovered that the repairman had also gained access to her mobile. She requested to be informed of JiMan’s undercover investigation because she was vowed to ruin him.

The psychopath was prepared to kill her as he had done with his other subjects because he now realized that she had deceived him by contacting the police. Nami would be left at her secure location, which is her father’s home, by JiMan and JeongOh.

She was prepared to battle the stalker because she could feel & hear him inside the home. She insisted on meeting her dad, and he gave in and let her see him weak and unconscious inside the tub. She was thrown into the tub after the predator ordered her to murder her dad. He felt a feeling of achievement after taking a photo of Nami submerging in the water.

What the murderer was unaware of was that the cops had suggested that she call them rather than sms them to let them confirm that she was okay; instead, the psycho had ordered her to do text. It was already too late for him when he realized it.

He was captured and restrained by JiMan and JeongOh. Nami fired him after collecting all of her energy. She was unable to continue to observe the man who murdered her father breathe. After the gunfire, Nami finally hears her dad breathing, causing her to cry with happiness.

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