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The Interest Of Love Review, Ending, Cast & Plot
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“Interest of Love Review, Interest of Love Ending, Interest of Love Cast & Interest of Love Review Plot”

A Tale Of Real Life Office Romance & Heartbreaks”

About ” The Interest Of Love”

In English: Interests of Love

(TIoL) In Korean: 사랑의 이해

Channel: jTBC

(TIoL) Genres: Romance, Drama

Status: completed

(TIoL) Season: 1

(TIoL) Total Ep: 16

K-drama The Interest of Love Plot & Cast Roles

4 individuals in a real love tale they all encountered at the bank, namely, the KCU Bank office in Youngpo.

According to Suyeong (Mun KaYoung), a person’s love can end at any time. Suyeong spends her time working to support & help her own in challenging situations. A guy unexpectedly approaches Suyeong, electrifying her.

(Yoo Yeon Seok’s) role Sangsu leads an everyday life. According to him, living a stable life is what makes one happy. His routinely peaceful life alters when love enters the picture.

Jeong JongHyeon (Jung Ga Ram)- preparing for a test for the position of a (PO) police officer. Jeong’s demeanor motivates him to give all that he does. He has an exceedingly difficult life.

Lastly, MiGyeong (Keum SaeRok) is originally from a wealthy household. She is confident and very honest with her emotions. If MiGyeong likes somebody, she will do whatever it takes to get them on her side. MiGyeong begins a relationship with a co-worker that ultimately does not turn out the way MiGyeong expected.

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The Interest of Love Trailer

The Interest of love Cast

The Interest of love Cast, 
The Interest of Love Review

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The Interest of love Review / Summary / Synopsis

Interest Of Love (IoL) serves as a classic romantic dramatization with endless possibilities regarding if the leading pair will end up partners or not.

Suyoung, the protagonist of the tale, is battling depressive disorders, sorrow over her brother’s passing, as well as a tense relationship with her biological dad. 

She mentors Sangsu, who enters the same bank as suyoung (KCU bank) three years after her & finally, the two of them are slowly close to each other. Nevertheless, Suyoung feels incompetent because SangSu receives a promotion in spite of having better academic credentials. At the same time, Suyoung stays in the exact same post.

Others treat Suyoung poorly and with prejudice. Although Sangsu is hesitant about approaching & speaking to Suyoung, Yet, Sangsu requests her to continue their relationship. When Suyoung became aware of all of it, which marked the beginning of a complicated period in their relationship.

Suyoung pushes Sangsu away, in addition, begins dating Jonghyun after realizing the fact that the two of them will never be successful due to social pressure. 

Prior to starting a relationship with someone else, Suyoung never allowed herself the chance of letting go of true love/feelings/ affection for Sangsu. 

On the hand, Sangsu begins dating Migyeong, a former classmate who just lately started working at the KCU bank as well as she belongs to a wealthy household. 

However, also he never forgets the love & feelings he has for & still loves Suyoung. Migyeong emits an air of being a friendly, good girl while being excessively cautious and guarded. 

Migyeong sees a bond between ex-couple Suyoung and Sangsu & attempts to befriend Suyoung so that she can put pressure on her & end their bond.

Migyeong applied the traditional strategy of having his allies near and her rival near through, providing Suyoung with her worn-out clothes, bringing her out to a meal, as well as offering her costly presents.

Suyoung & Sangsu are unable to remain apart from one another, regardless of all of her attempts. Suyoung departs with an unrecoverable outcome following numerous ups & downs & also heartbreaking experiences. 

Suyoung runs away all the time, but Sangsu, at the moment, chooses not to pursue Suyoung. He chose to allow her some room out of respect for Suyoung’s decision. Sangsu continued to hold strong feelings for Suyoung even though 4 years had gone. Sangsu honored the choice that Suyoung made but just couldn’t fathom it.

Suyoung only desired to vanish so she could start over, though she wished for Sangsu to try to find her or persuade her to stay by his side. Sangsu, regrettably, never expresses what he thinks and would rather endure quietly. 

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The Interest of Love Symphony Ost

The Interest of Love Ending: Happy or Sad

In Yeomnam, Suyeong now manages and owns a cafe, namely “Tomorrow’s Happiness,” which is a drawing café, following after four years.

Sangsu and Suyeong, for now, fail to meet each other, but Migyeong & Suyeong do cross paths at an art display. The two individuals are pleased with seeing one another regardless of their respective pasts. Jeong currently works in a police department, plus Migyeong is going to wed someone else.

Sangsu will not repeat the exact same errors/ mistakes that he already did so many times in previous years. He appears at Suyeong’s coffee shop. They discuss their past in great detail. Sangsu informs Suyeong of his attempts to locate her. Sangsu claims to have never thought of that. 

Sadly, SangSu regretted that he had delayed. Suyeong acknowledged her mistake but also regretted acting rashly & impatiently. Even though it’s late, both of them come to the realization that they truly have been as well, as also, for now,/ they love each other deeply.

Suyeong, in the end, questions SangSu whether he’s forgotten anything following after they’ve finished climbing as both of them come to the highest point of the hill. SangSu states with the assurance that he didn’t forget any single thing this time this moment. 

The two’s closing exchanges leave the audience with a feeling of goodbye. But, still, their disparities in thought plus emotion/ feelings prohibit each other from conclusively solving their problems.

The Interest of Love Time’s Up Ost

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