May 28, 2024
2014 Korean Drama List & Best Korean Movies 2014
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“Here is the list of best Korean dramas 2014 list & 2014 best Korean movies, also 2014 Korean drama list completed & below! Get ready & update your watching list!”

Best Korean Dramas 2014 List

Below is the best Korean dramas 2014 list or the top Korean dramas 2014 below!

Bad Guys {SK serial}

Naeil’s Cantabile {SK serial}

What Happens to My Family? {SK serial}

Lovers of Music {SK serial}

Modern Farmer {SK serial}

Dr. Frost {SK serial}

The King’s Face {SK serial}

High School King of Savvy {SK serial}

Hi! School – Love On {SK serial}

Doctor Stranger {SK serial}

You Are My Destiny {SK serial}

A Witch’s Love {SK serial}

You’re All Surrounded {SK serial}

It’s Alright, This Is Love {SK serial}

Angel Eyes {SK serial}

Pinocchio {SK serial}

Emergency Couple {SK serial}

Steal Heart {SK serial}

Healer {SK serial}

2014 Korean Drama List

Below is the 2014 Korean drama list/ 2014 Korean drama list completed !! read it! & share it!

Endless Love {SK serial}

A Better Tomorrow {SK serial}

Emergency Couple {SK serial}

Jewel in the Palace2 {SK serial}

Everybody, Kimchi! {SK serial}

A New Leaf {SK serial}

Family Secrets {SK serial}

Healer {SK serial}

Abiding Love Dandelion {SK serial}

Her Lovely Heels {SK serial}

Angel Eyes {SK serial}

Hi! School – Love On {SK serial}

Angel’s Revenge {SK serial}

High School King of Savvy {SK serial}

Apgujeong Midnight Sun {SK serial}

Hotel King {SK serial}

Make Your Wish {SK serial}

What Happens to My Family? {SK serial}

Mama {SK serial}

A Witch’s Love {SK serial}

Marriage Not Dating {SK serial}

Wonderful Days {SK serial}

Mimi {SK serial}

You Are My Destiny {SK serial}

Misaeng: Incomplete Life {SK serial}

You’re All Surrounded {SK serial}

Modern Farmer {SK serial}

Valid Love {SK serial}

More Than a Maid {SK serial}

Quiz from God4 {SK serial}

Mother’s Garden {SK serial}

Reset {SK serial}

Mr Baek {SK serial}

Rosy Lovers {SK serial}

My Blooming Days {SK serial}

Run, Jang-Mi {SK serial}

My Dear Cat {SK serial}

Only Love {SK serial}

My Lovely Girl {SK serial}

Only My Love {SK serial}

My Secret Hotel {SK serial}

3 Days {SK serial}

Tears Of Heaven {SK serial}

12 Years Promise {SK serial}

Temptation {SK serial}

Bad Guys {SK serial}

The Face Reader {SK serial}

Beyond the Clouds {SK serial}

The King’s Face {SK serial}

Big Man {SK serial}

The Legendary Witch {SK serial}

Birth of a Beauty {SK serial}

The Three Musketeers {SK serial}

Blade Man {SK serial}

There is a Blue Bird {SK serial}

Bride of the Century {SK serial}

Triangle {SK serial}

Can We Fall inLove, Again? {SK serial}

Land of Gold {SK serial}

Schoolgirl Detectives {SK serial}

The Paranormal Detective {SK serial}

Secret Affair {SK serial}

Two Mothers {SK serial}

Secret Door {SK serial}

The Serial Killer {SK serial}

Some Kind of Goodbye {SK serial}

Glorious Day {SK serial}

Steal Heart {SK serial}

God’s Gift – 14Days {SK serial}

Stormy Woman {SK serial}

Golden Cross {SK serial}

Sweden Laundry {SK serial}

The Greatest Wedding {SK serial}

Punch {SK serial}

Gunman in Joseon {SK serial}

Naeil’s Cantabile {SK serial}

Discovery of Love {SK serial}

The Noblesse {SK serial}

Pachunhwang {SK serial}

Lovers of Music {SK serial}

Doctor Stranger {SK serial}

Love Frequency 37.2 {SK serial}

Pinocchio {SK serial}

Love & Secret {SK serial}

Dodohara {SK serial}

Liar Game {SK serial}

Plus Nine Boys {SK serial}

Kang-Koos Story {SK serial}

Dr. Frost {SK serial}

Pride and Prejudice {SK serial}

Drama Festival2014: Turning Point {SK serial}

The Idle Mermaid {SK serial}

Cheongdamdong Scandal {SK serial}

In Need of Romance3 {SK serial}

Come! Jang BoRi {SK serial}

Inspiring Generation {SK serial}

Cunning Single Lady {SK serial}

Into the Flames {SK serial}

Jeong DoJeon {SK serial}

It’s Alright, This Is Love {SK serial}

Best 2014 Korean Movies

Below are some of the best 2014 Korean movies list, bookmarked it!

The Admiral {SK film}

Ode to My Father {SK film}

The Pirates {SK film}

Miss Granny {SK film}

Kundo {SK film}

Tazza {SK film}

The Fatal Encounter {SK film}

The Divine Move {SK film}

A Hard Day {SK film}

2014 Korean Movies List

Below is the 2014 Korean movies list!

Mad Sad Bad {SK film}

Case of Bachelor Abduction {SK film}

Man In Love {SK film}

A Dream Of Iron {SK film}

Man On High Heels {SK film}

A Dynamite Family {SK film}

Manhole {SK film}

A Fresh Girl {SK film}

Manshin {SK film}

A Fresh Start {SK film}

Miss Granny {SK film}

A Girl At My Door {SK film}

Miss The Train {SK film}

A Hard Day {SK film}

Mizo {SK film}

A Midsummer’s Fantasia {SK film}

Monster {SK film}

A Pharisee {SK film}

Mot {SK film}

Rented Room In Heaven {SK film}

Mourning Grave {SK film}

Touch Of Unseen {SK film}

Mr. Perfect {SK film}

An American Friend {SK film}

Murderer {SK film}

Animal {SK film}

My Brilliant Life {SK film}

Another Family {SK film}

My Dictator {SK film}

Apostle {SK film}

My Love, My Bride {SK film}

The Avian Kind {SK film}

Navigation {SK film}

Salmon {SK film}

Neverdie Butterfly {SK film}

Santa Barbara {SK film}

Night Flight {SK film}

Scarlet Innocence {SK film}

No Tears for Dead {SK film}

Secret Love {SK film}

Non-fiction Diary {SK film}

Secret Travel {SK film}

Live TV {SK film}

See, Beethoven {SK film}

Let’s Go, To JangmiInn {SK film}

Set Me Free {SK film}

The Legacy {SK film}

Shinhwa Live 3D {SK film}

Lebanon Emotion {SK film}

Shoot Me in the Heart {SK film}

Late Spring {SK film}

Shuttlecock {SK film}

Kundo {SK film}

Sketch {SK film}
King of Jokgu {SK film}

Slow Video {SK film}

Kang Ho’s Childbirth S {SK film}tory

So Very Very {SK film}

Jungle Shuffle {SK film}

Songs From the North {SK film}

Island {SK film}

Sookhee {SK film}

Insufficient Evidence {SK film}

Splendid but Sad Days {SK film}

Innocent Thing {SK film}

Stray Dogs {SK film}

In Her Place {SK film}

Super Virgin {SK film}

I’m Coming Miss Call {SK film}

T-pang Rescue {SK film}

18 – Eighteen Noir {SK film}

Tabloid Truth {SK film}

58 Year of the Dog {SK film}

Tazza {SK film}

51+ {SK film}

The Dinner {SK film}

Big Deal {SK film}

End of the World {SK film}

Big Match {SK film}

The Fatal Encounter {SK film}

Bitch Heart Asshole {SK film}

The Hospice {SK film}

Botox {SK film}

Language of Love {SK film}

Broken {SK film}

The Pirates {SK film}

Campus S Couple {SK film}

The Plan {SK film}

Cart {SK film}

Road Called Life {SK film}

Cat Girl {SK film}

Road To School {SK film}

Change Zoororing {SK film}

The Royal Tailor {SK film}

Compassion {SK film}

Satellite Girl & Milk Cow {SK film}

The Con Artists {SK film}

Dad for Rent {SK film}

Confession {SK film}

The Stone {SK film}

Daughter {SK film}

The Suffered {SK film}

December {SK film}

The Target {SK film}

Desire’s Poison: Addiction {SK film}

Tenor Lirico Spinto {SK film}

The Divine Move {SK film}

Fashion King {SK film}

The Tunnel (3D) {SK film}

Entangled {SK film}

The Unbearable Taste {SK film}

Fire in Hell {SK film}

The Whistleblower {SK film}

Fly High {SK film}

The Wicked {SK film}

Food Chain {SK film}

The Youth {SK film}

For the Emperor {SK film}

Timing {SK film}

Futureless Things {SK film}

Total Messed Family {SK film}

God’s Eye View {SK film}

Trot {SK film}

Golden Chariot in Sky {SK film}

Two Policemen {SK film}

Zombie School {SK film}

Grow {SK film}

Young Mother 2 {SK film}

Two Wives {SK film}

You Are My Vampire {SK film}

We are Brothers {SK film}

Gyeongju {SK film}

Yoon-Hee {SK film}

Ode To My Father {SK film}

Yellow Dog {SK film}

One Night Only {SK film}

Wrestling {SK film}

One on One {SK film}

Wild Dog {SK film}

Ordinary Days {SK film}

Where’s Satomi? {SK film}

Our Older Sister {SK film}
What the…? {SK film}

Ownerless Flower Uhwudong {SK film}

Haemoo {SK film}

Welcome {SK film}

Han Gong-Ju {SK film}

Red Carpet {SK film}

Han River {SK film}

Remarkable Woman {SK film}

Haru {SK film}

Roaring Currents {SK film}

Hot Young Bloods {SK film}

Virgin Theory {SK film}

Romancing Game {SK film}

How to Steal a Dog {SK film}

I Like Erotic Woman {SK film}

The Huntresses {SK film}

Pick Up Artist {SK film}

Hype Nation 3D {SK film}

Pluto {SK film}

Venus Talk {SK film}

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