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2016 Korean Drama List & Best Korean Movies 2016
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Here is the list of 2016 Kdrama highest rating & best Korean movies 2016, also 2016 Korean dramas list completed & all 2016 Korean movies list below! Get ready & add everything in your list!”

2016 Best Korean Drama List

Here are 2016 best Korean drama list you can see here or 2016 Kdrama highest rating list below!

Goblin {SK}

W: Two Worlds {SK}

Moon Lovers: (SHR) Scarlet Heart Ryeo {SK}

Descendants of the Sun {SK}

Love in the Moonlight {SK}

Legend of the Blue Sea {SK}

Shopaholic Louis {SK}

Squad 38 {SK}

Madame Antoine {SK}

Master of Revenge {SK}

Signal {SK series}

The K2 {SK}

Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo {SK}

Hwarang {SK}

All 2016 Korean Drama List Completed

Here are 2016 Korean drama list/ all 2016 Korean drama list completed !! bookmarked it! & share it!

Dear My Friends {K series}

Happy Home {SK}

Descendants of the Sun {K series}

Hello, My Twenties! {SK}

Here Comes Love {K series}

Doctors {SK}

How Are You Bread {K series}

Dr. Romantic {SK}

Hwarang {K series}

Drinking Solo {SK}

Madame Antoine {K series}

Vampire Detective {SK}

Marriage Contract {K series}

W: Two Worlds {SK}

Master of Revenge {SK}

Memory {K series}

Wanted {SK serial}

Monster {SK}

Weightlifting Fairy Kim BokJoo {K series}

Moon Lovers {SK}

What’s With Money? {SK serial}

Moorim School {K}

White Nights {K}

Mrs. Cop 2 {SK serial}

Woman with Suitcase {K series}

My Horrible Boss {SK}

Working Mom, House Daddy {SK serial}

My Lawyer, MrJoe {K series}

That’s How It Is {SK}

My Little Baby {K series}

You Are a Gift {SK serial}

My Son-InLaw’s Woman {SK}

Always Spring {SK serial}

Second To Last Love {K series}

Another Miss Oh {SK serial}

Secret Healer {K}

Babysitter {SK}

Secrets of Women {K series}

Beautiful Gong Shim {SK serial}

Still Loving You {SK}

Beautiful Mind {SK serial}

Shopaholic Louis {K}

Becky’s Back {SK serial}

Signal {SK}

Begin Again {K series}

Solomon’s Perjury {SK}

Blow Breeze {K series}

Something About 1Percent {SK serial}

Bring it on, Ghost {SK}

Sound of Your Heart {K series}

Cheese in Trap {SK serial}

Squad 38 {SK serial}

Cinderella & the Four Knights {K series}

Sweet Stranger & Me {SK}

Come Back Mister {SK serial}

Gogh, The Starry Night {K series}

Oh My GeumBi {SK}

Golden Pouch {SK serial}

On the Way to Airport {K series}

Good Person {SK serial}

One More Happy Ending {SK serial}

Goodbye Mr. Black {K series}

One More Time {SK serial}

Goblin {SK serial}

Our Gab-Soon {SK serial}

Entertainer {SK serial}

That Sun in Sky {K series}

Entourage {SK serial}

Flower in Prison {SK serial}

Fantastic {K series}

The Good Wife {SK serial}

Father, I’ll Take Care of u {SK serial}

The K2 {K series}

First Love Again {SK serial}

Legend of the Blue Sea {K series}

Five Enough {SK serial}

The Royal Gambler {SK serial}

Flowers in My Heart {K series}

Page Turner {SK serial}

I’m Sorry But I Love u {SK serial}

Person Who Gives Happiness {K series}

Imjin War 1592 {SK serial}

Pied Piper {SK serial}

Jang Youngsil {K series}

The Promise {SK serial}

Lucky Romance {K series}

Jealousy Incarnate {SK serial}

Listen To Love {SK serial}

Ugly YoungA {K series}

Local Hero {SK serial}

Uncontrollably Fond {SK serial}

Love in the Moonlight {K series}

The Unusual Family {SK serial}

Love Is Drop by Drop {K series}

2016 Korean Drama List & Best Korean Movies 2016 list

Best Korean Movies 2016

Below are some of best Korean movies 2016 list, bookmarked it!

Train to Busan {SK}

A Violent Prosecutor {SK film}

Age of Shadows {SK film}

Master {SK}

The Tunnel {SK film}

Luck Key {SK film}

The Wailing {SK}

Operation Chromite {SK film}

The Last Princess {SK film}

The Handmaiden {SK}

2016 Korean movies list

Below is the 2016 Korean movies list!

Making Family {SK film}

A Break Alone {SK}

Map Against The World {SK film}

A Day {SK}

Master {SK film}

Korean in Paris {SK}

Men & Women’s Marital Compatibility {SK film}

A Quiet Dream {SK film}

Man and A Woman {SK}

A Taxi Driver {SK film}

Midnight in Seoul {SK}

A Violent Prosecutor {SK film}

Melody To Remember {SK}

Way Back To Mother {SK film}

Missing {SK film}

Age of Shadows {SK}

Missing You {SK film}

Alone {SK film}

Tale of Two Cities {SK}

Analog Human {SK film}

Mood of the Day {SK film}

The City of Madness {SK}

Bounty Hunters {SK film}

Mr. Cowper {SK}

The Bacchus Lady {SK film}

Mr. Shark {SK film}

Beaten Black & Blue {SK}

Musudan {SK film}

Because I Love u {SK}

My Annoying Brother {SK film}


My New Sassy Girl {SK film}

Blossom {SK}

Seondal {SK film}

Obedience {SK}

Snow Paths {SK film}

One Way Trip {SK}

Sori {SK film}

Operation Chromite {SK}

Spirits’ Homecoming {SK film}

Our Love Story {SK}

Split {SK film}

Overman {SK}

Stay With Me {SK film}

Pandora {SK}

Steel Flower {SK film}

Phantom Detective {SK}

Su saek {SK film}

Proof of Innocence {SK}

Boys Who Cried Wolf {SK film}

Camping {SK film}

The Last Princess {SK}

Calendar Girl {SK film}

The Last Ride {SK}

Canola {SK film}

The Net {SK}

Chasing {SK film}

Queen of Crime {SK}

Curtain Call {SK film}

Rule of Violence {SK}

Daddy’s Back {SK film}

World of Us {SK}

Dear Lena {SK film}

Time Renegades {SK}

Derailed {SK film}

Train To Busan {SK}

Detour {SK film}

Trick {SK}

Dokgo {SK film}

The Truth Beneath {SK}

Dongju {SK film}

Tunnel {SK}

Dual: Final Round {SK film}

Twenty Again {SK}

Familyhood {SK film}

Twinsters {SK}

Fourth Place {SK film}

Twisted Daddy {SK}

Friend’s Older Sister {SK film}

Two Rooms, Two Nights {SK film}

Half {SK}

Yourself and Yours {SK film}

Vanishing Time {SK}

The Handmaiden {SK film}

Unwelcome Guest {SK}

Will You Be There? {SK film}

Hide-&-Never Seek {SK}

The Wailing {SK film}

Unforgettable {SK}

Hiya {SK film}

With or Without You {SK}

Holy Working Day {SK film}

Woojoo’s Christmas {SK}

Horror Stories III {SK film}

Worst Woman {SK}

The Hunt {SK film}

Eclipse {SK}

Unconfessional {SK}

Life Risking Romance {SK film}

El Condor Pasa {SK}

Like a French Film {SK film}

Elephant in the Room {SK}

Like for Likes {SK film}

End of Winter {SK}

Lost in Moonlight {SK film}

Grand Father {SK}

Love, Lies {SK film}

The Great Actor {SK}

Luck-Key {SK film}

If You Were Me {SK}

Insane {SK film}

Queen of Walking {SK}

Kkangchi {SK film}

Remember You {SK}

Night Song {SK}

Run-Off {SK film}

No Tomorrow {SK}

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