June 18, 2024
Lee Jaewook Profile, Girlfriend, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts & More
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Lee Jae Wook, an emerging talent in South Korea’s vibrant entertainment scene, has swiftly garnered widespread attention with his dynamic acting abilities and captivating charm. Since his initial foray into drama and film, he has rapidly made a mark as a distinguished performer, adept at portraying a diverse spectrum of emotions and roles that have struck a chord with international audiences. This overview delves into the “Lee Jaewook profile,” spotlighting his career trajectory, notable accomplishments, and the distinct attributes that distinguish him in the highly competitive realm of Korean dramas and movies.

Lee Jaewook Profile

Real Ireum: Lee Jae Wook 

In Korean: 이재욱

Stage Ireum: Lee Jaewook 

In Korean: 이재욱

JW Nickname: Jaewook

In Korean: 재욱

LJW Birthdate: May 10, 1998

JW Birthplace: Seoul, 

JW Birthcountry: South Korea

JW Zodiac Sign: Taurus

JW Chinese Star: –

JW Nationality: South Korean

JW Religion: –

JW Profession: Actor 

Jaewook Appearance

JW Height: 187cm  

In feet: 6’1”

JW Weight: 70 kg 

In lbs: 154 

JW Blood Group: O

JW Eye Color: Black

JW US Shoe Size: 10.5 

Jaewook Family:

JW Father: –

JW Mother: –

1 Sister: Lee Da Hee

JW Brother: –

Girlfriend: –

Ex-Girlfriend: –

Social Media Accounts: 

JW Facebook Page: –

JW Twitter Account: leejaewookrec

JW Instagram: @jxxvvxxk

JW TikTok Account: –

JW Threads Account: –


Interesting Facts about Lee Jaewook

Early life:

= Jaewook homeland is in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

= LJW family comprises his parents & a sister named Lee Da Hee.

= Jaewook pursued his education at ChungAng Uni Seoul Campus, & majoring in Theatre.

= LJW educational journey includes attending Seocho High School, plus Daechi Middle School, & Isu Middle School.

Personal interests, companionship, and unique preferences:

= JW is presently associated with VAST Entertainment.

= Jaewook first appearance on screen was in the 2018 television series called “Memories of Alhambra.”

= Moreover, a year later, ljw landed a part in called “Search: WWW,” a play that rapidly elevated his fame.

= Jaewook performance in 2019 earned him the Best New Actor accolade.

= He embraced his initial lead role in the series “DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol.”

= Next, in 2020, jaewook obtained the Rookie of the Year honor at the (AAA) Asia Artist Awards.

= Furthermore, in his acting career, jaewook was actively involved in modeling, plus participating in photoshoots, also providing fashion guidance for brands like Prada, & appearing in advertisements for called Lancome Cosmetics.

Career path and professional achievements:

= Jaewook is passionate about film and enjoys the traditional method of jotting notes by hand during his leisure time. 

= Despite his youthful features and slim frame, many initially perceive him to be in his late twenties or early thirties, owing to his sophisticated demeanor.

= In his approach to understanding characters, Jaewook creates mind maps using a pen, aiding in his deep comprehension of each role.

= His musical preference leans towards the singer IU. 

= As a young boy, he greatly admired the culinary skills of Chef Baek Jongwon.

= Jaewook has a fondness for both soju and beer. 

= He expresses a preference for colder weather, favoring winter over summer, and finds solace in the seaside compared to the mountains. 

= His interests lean more towards singing than dancing, and he chooses coffee over tea. 

= When it comes to entertainment, he is more drawn to movies than television dramas.

= From his middle school days, he has been engaged in various part-time jobs. 

= His ideal vacation spot is a ski resort, which aligns with his love for winter.

= Romance is the genre that captures his heart the most. “Good Will Hunting” stands out as his most beloved film.

= Jaewook aspires to be recognized for his optimistic outlook on life. 

= When it comes to food, he has a particular liking for jjajangmyeon over jjamppong.

Lee Jaewook Net worth

= Several reports suggest that the actor’s net worth ranges between $1 million & $5 million, primarily earned through his career in the South Korean film & television industry. 

Is Lee Jaewook had any plastic surgery?

= There’s no available information regarding any cosmetic procedures he might have undergone to alter his appearance.

Rumored Romance / Dating:

Rumors of a romantic connection between Lee Jaewook and Go Yoonjung, who appeared together in “Alchemy of Souls2,” have been circulating. This speculation gained traction when Go Yoonjung made a special arrival at Lee Jaewook’s fan gathering event. 

Adding fuel to the fire, Lee Jaewook expressed that his most cherished scene from the series was the one where he declares his love to Go Yoonjung’s character. 

Furthermore, he performed “A Little Girl,” yes, a song favored by Go Yoonjung, at the event. Despite these instances, both actors have yet to confirm or deny these dating rumors.

Lee Jaewook Girlfriend: 

= At this moment, he’s not in any kind of relationship. He didn’t disclose his private life.

 Lee Jaewook ideal type: 

= He likes someone who has a personality that radiates positivity and optimism.

Lee Jaewook Dramas

= Royal Roader + Korean Ireum: – + Year: – + Episodes: – + Channel: – + Role: Main

= Hong Rang + Korean Ireum: Tangeum + Year: 2024 + Episodes: 12 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= Death’s Game + Korean Ireum: Yijae, Got Jookseummida + Year: 2023 + Episodes: 8 + Channel: TVING + Role: Guest

= Alchemy of Souls 2 + Korean Ireum: Hwanhon: Bitgwa Geurimja + Year: 2022 + Episodes: 10 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Alchemy of Souls + Korean Ireum: Hwanhon + Year: 2022 + Episodes: 20 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Kiss Sixth Sense + Korean Ireum: + Year: 2022 + Episodes: 3,5,9 + Channel: Disney+ + Role: Guest

= Move To Heaven + Korean Ireum: Naneun Yoopoomjungrisaibmida + Year: 2021 + Episodes: 3,5,7 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Guest

= True Beauty + Korean Ireum: Yeoshingangrim + Year: 2020 + Episodes: 4 + Channel: tvN + Role: Guest

= DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2020 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: KBS2 + Role: Main

= When Weather is Fine + Korean Ireum: Nalssiga Joeumyeon Chajagagesseoyo + Year: 2020 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Support

= Extraordinary You + Korean Ireum: Eojjeoda Balgyeonhan Haroo + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: MBC + Role: Main

= Search: WWW + Korean Ireum: Geomsaekeoreul Ibryeokhaseyo: WWW + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Memories of Alhambra + Korean Ireum: Alhambeuraui Gungjeonui Chooeok + Year: 2018 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support


= Kill Boksoon + Korean Ireum: – + Year: 2023 + Episodes: 1 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Battle of Jangsari + Korean Ireum: Jangsari: Yitheojin Youngwoongdeul + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 1 + Channel: – + Role: Support

TV Shows

= House of Wheels 4 + Year: 2022 + Channel: + Role: Guest

= Moment_H + Year: 2022 + Channel: + Role: Guest

= Amazing Saturdy + Year: 2018 + Channel: + Role: Guest


= Award year: 2022 + Award For: Asia Artist Awards + Category: Best Actor Award + Category: Alchemy of Souls

= Award year: 2022 + Award For: Asia Model Awards + Category: Asia Special Award + Category: Alchemy of Souls

= Award year: 2022 + Award For: Korea Drama Awards + Category: Global Excellence Award + Category: Alchemy of Souls

= Award year: 2020 + Award For: Asia Artist Awards + Category: Rookie 

= Award year: 2020 + Award For: Brand of the Year Awards + Category: Male Actor (Rookie)

= Award year: 2020 + Award For: KBS Drama Awards + Category: Excellence Award + Serial: DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol

= Award year: 2019 + Award For: MBC Drama Awards + Category: Best New Actor + Serial: Extraordinary You


= Award year: 2021 + Award For: Korean Broadcasting Awards + Category: Popularity Award + Serial: DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol

= Award year: 2021 + Award For: Seoul International Awards + Category: Outstanding Korean Actor + Serial: DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol

= Award year: 2021 + Award For: APAN Star Awards + Category: Best New Actor + Serial: Extraordinary You

= Award year: 2021 + Award For: APAN Star Awards + Category: Popular Star Award + Serial: Extraordinary You

= Award year: 2020 + Award For: Baeksang Arts Awards + Category: Best New Actor + Serial: Extraordinary You

= Award year: 2020 + Award For: KBS Drama Awards + Category: Best Couple Award + Serial: DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol

= Award year: 2019 + Award For: MBC Drama Awards + Category: Best Couple Award + Serial: Extraordinary You


What is Lee Jaewook’s real name?

His real name is Lee Jae Wook.

When was Lee Jae Wook born?

He was born on May 10, 1998.

What is Lee Jaewook’s height?

Lee Jae Wook stands at 187 cm tall.

Which university did Lee Jaewook attend for his theatre studies?

Ljw studied theatre at (CAU) ChungAng Uni Seoul Campus.

What is Lee Jae Wook’s zodiac sign?

LJW zodiac sign is Taurus.

Can you name a hobby of Lee Jae Wook?

One of his hobbies is exercising.

What was Lee Jae Wook’s debut drama?

His debut play was called “Memories of Alhambra” back in 2018.

What is Lee Jae Wook’s blood type?

Jaewook blood group is O.

Which drama series marked Lee Jae Wook’s first leading role?

Jaewook first led in the play “DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol”.

Who is Lee Jae Wook’s favorite singer?

Jaewook favored vocalist is IU.

What type of movies does Lee Jae Wook enjoy?

Jaewook appreciates watching romance films.

What does Lee Jae Wook like to do in his leisure time?

Jaewook enjoys watching movies & writing things down by hand.

Which season does Lee Jae Wook prefer, winter or summer?

Jaewook prefers wintertime over summer.

What food does Lee Jae Wook prefer, jjajangmyeon or jjamppong?

Jaewook prefers jjajangmyeon over jjamppong.

What is Lee Jae Wook’s ideal type?

Jaewook ideal type is a person who’s optimistic & positive.

What is Lee Jae Wook’s nationality?

Jaewook is Korean.

What is the new drama with Lee Jae Wook?

In 2023, Lee Jaewook has authorized to star in the plays “Resurrection”​​. He’s also selected to appear in “Death’s Game”​​ & “Hong Rang”​​.

How old is Jae Wook?

Jaewook is 25 years old as of 2023​​.

What movies is Lee Jae Wook in?

“Battle of Jangsari” & “Kill Boksoon.” 

Does Lee Jae Wook have an Instagram account?

Yes, Jaewook official Instagram account is @jxxvvxxk​​.

Who is Lee Jaewook’s wife?

As of the last update, there is no public information indicating that Lee Jaewook is married.

Can you provide a list of dramas Lee Jaewook has starred in?

His notable dramas include “Memories of Alhambra,” + “Search: WWW,”+ “Extraordinary You,” + “Weather Is Fine,” + “DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol,” & “Alchemy of Souls”​​.

Does Lee Jae Wook have a family?

Lee Jaewook’s family consists of his mama, papa, & an older sister​​.

Is Lee Jae Wook getting married?

There is no available information or public announcement regarding Lee Jae Wook getting married.

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