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Song Kang Profile, GF, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Drama's & More
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Song Kang Profile: Emerging as a Bright Talent in the Entertainment Realm

Diving into the dynamic world of entertainment, the name Song Kang stands out as a shining beacon of talent and versatility. This South Korean actor, with a flair for capturing hearts and imaginations, has rapidly ascended the ladder of fame. His journey, marked by captivating performances and a magnetic screen presence, embodies a blend of charisma and skill. In the realm of contemporary actors, Kang’s profile is a fascinating tapestry of artistic dedication and a refreshing zest for storytelling. With each role, he continues to redefine his boundaries, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his next artistic venture.

Song Kang Profile:

Real Ireum: Song Kang 

In Korean: 송강

Stage Ireum: Song Kang

In Korean: 송강

SK Birthdate: 23rd of April 1994

SK Birth town: Suwon, Gyeonggi

SK Country: South Korea

SK Nationality: Korean

SK Zodiac Star: Taurus

SK Religion: Christianity

SK Education: Konkuk University

SK Profession: Actor

Physical Formation: 

SK Eye Color: Brown

SK Height: 6’1″

SK Weight: 70 Kg 

SK Blood Type: B

SK Hair Color: Black

SK Shoe Size: 10.5 US

Family Information: 

SK Father: –

SK Mother: –

SK Brother: 1

Social Media Accounts:

SK Facebook Acc: actorsongkang

SK Twitter Acc: –

SK Instagram Acc: @songkang_b

SK Tiktok Acc: –

SK Youtube Channel: –

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Interesting Facts about Song Kang

Below are detailed facts about him.

Early Life of Song Kang:

= Song was born in Korea.

= Song has only 1 brother.

= Song, a Korean national, initially aspired to become an architect.

= SK pursued his education at Konkuk Uni, concentrating on film studies.

Song Kang’s Professional Journey:

= SK is represented by(NA) Namoo Actors.

= SK’s acting occupation initiated with the 2017 romcom TV play “The Liar & His Lover,” where sk played Jinwoo, a key character’s preadolescence mate.

= In 2018, Song earned his cinematic debut with (BV) “Beautiful Vampire.”

= To increase public awareness, Namoo Actors organized a fan event titled called “Introduction to Rookies,” featuring Song alongside Lee Yoojin & Oh Seunghoon.

= Song featured in the clan play “Man in Kitchen,” which concluded in 2018.

= SK has seemed to be in 2 music videos: one is “Sweet Summer Night” (SSN) by The Ade & “Love Story” known by Suran.

= Song participation in “Intro to Rookies” fan forum was back on July 8th, 2017.

= Song co-hosted Inkigayo with Mingyu from 17 & Chaeyeon from DIA.

= Song united with the characters of (ST) “Salty Tour” alongside Sunny & Chanyeol.

= Song cameo in the 13th ep of play “Touch Your Heart” was noteworthy.

= Song was a regular on the variety show called “Village Survival, Eight.”

= SK acted in (wdcyn) “When Devil Calls ur Name,” inspired by called Goethe’s Faust.

= Song breakout position as a headliner actor reached in the Netflix sequel “Love Alarm.”

= Sk was a candidate for Rookie Award back in the 12th SBS Ent Awards.

= Later, in 2020, Song starred in the sequel “Sweet Home.”

Hobbies, Preferences, and Unique Traits of Song Kang:

= SK passion for acting ignited after being captivated by Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in “Titanic.”

= Originating from Suwon, he has a keen interest in reading, particularly mystery novels.

= He enjoys the music of the popular group BTS.

= Kang shares an alma mater with Bangtan member Jin, as both attended Konkuk University.

= SK admires the work of Jung Kyung Ho & Tom Hardy.

= Kang once turned down the chance to become an idol, preferring to concentrate on his acting occupation.

= Song experience working with Lee DoHyun in “Sweet Home” stood so positive that Song looks forward to future collaborations.

= Contrary to Song acting parts, Song is not a fan of horror films.

= Regular workouts are element of his routine, & Song finds solace in gym sessions when feeling down.

= Song starts his day with yoga, embracing the benefits of stretching.

= Mountain climbing is among his varied interests.

= Song is also proficient at playing the instrument piano.

= When it comes to fashion, Song prefers simplicity.

= In matters of the heart, Song tends to be reserved & somewhat shy.

Song Kang Net Worth:

= Various reports suggest that Song Kang’s net worth falls in the range of $1 million to $5 million. 

= Song primary source of income stems from his career in acting.

Song Kang Ideal type: 

= Song Kang is drawn to individuals who exude a gentle and amiable aura upon first meeting.

= Song has expressed a preference for dating women older than himself.

Song Kang Girlfriend: 

= Song Kang’s romantic life remains a mystery to the public, as he seems to prefer maintaining the privacy of his personal and dating experiences.

Song Kang Dramas List

= Sweet Home 3 + In Korean: – + Year: 2024 + Episodes: – + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= My Demon + In Korean: – + Year: 2023 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: SBS + Role: Main

= Sweet Home 2 + In Korean: – + Year: 2023 + Episodes: – + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= Forecasting Love & Weather + In Korean: Gisangchung Saramdeul + Year: 2022 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Main

= Nevertheless + In Korean: Algoitjiman + Year: 2021 + Episodes: 10 + Channel: JTBC + Role: Main

= Navillera + In Korean: + Year: 2021 + Episodes: 12 + Channel: tvN + Role: Main

= Love Alarm 2 + In Korean: Joahamyun Woolrineun 2 + Year: 2021 + Episodes: 6 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= Sweet Home + In Korean: 2020 + Year: 2020 + Episodes: 10 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= When Devil Calls ur Name + In Korean: Akmaga Neoui YireumeulBooreul Ddae + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Love Alarm + In Korean: Joahamyun Woolrineun + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 8 + Channel: Netflix + Role: Main

= Touch Your Heart + In Korean: Jinsimi Dadda + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Guest

= Man In Kitchen + In Korean: Babsang Charineun Namja + Year: 2017 + Episodes: 50 + Channel: MBC + Role: Support

= The Liar & His Lover + In Korean: Geunyeoneun Geojitmaleul NeomooSaranghae + Year: 2017 + Episodes: 16 + Channel: tvN + Role: Support

= Hello Spring + In Korean: – + Year: 2015 + Episodes: 4 + Channel: – + Role: Main


= Beautiful Vampire + In Korean: – + Year: 2018 + Episodes: 1 + Channel: + Role: Main

TV Shows

= Salon Drip 2 + In Korean: – + Year: 2023 + Episodes: 17 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Village Survival, Eight S2 + In Korean: – + Year: 2019 + Episodes: 6 + Channel: – + Role: Regular

= Village Survival, Eight S1 + In Korean: – + Year: 2018 + Episodes: 6 + Channel: – + Role: Regular

= Who Dat Boy S2 + In Korean: – + Year: 2018 + Episodes: 4 + Channel: – + Role: Regular

= Salty Tour S1 + In Korean: – + Year: 2017 + Episodes: 28 & 30 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Running Man + In Korean: – + Year: + Episodes: 533 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Happy Together S3 + In Korean: – + Year: 2010 + Episodes: 556 &557 + Channel: – + Role: Guest

= Inkigayo + In Korean: – + Year: 2007 + Episodes: 18 Feb 18- 18 Oct 18 + Channel: – + Role: Regular

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who is Song Kang?

A. Song is a renowned Korean actor.

2. What inspired Song Kang to become an actor?

A. SK was inspired to pursue acting job after watching (ldc) Leonardo DiCaprio in show “Titanic”. SK later attended Konkuk Uni, majoring in film​​.

3. What was Song Kang’s acting debut?

A. Song debuted as a (SL) supporting actor in (TL&HL) “Liar & His Lover” (2017) & appeared in music videos “Love Story” & “Sweet Summer Night.”

4. What role brought Song Kang fame?

A. Song rose to fame with the “Love Alarm,” serial.

5. Can you provide a brief profile of Kang?

A. Born in 23rd of April 1994, city in Suwon, Gyeonggi, country South Korea, plus he’s a Taurus & holds Korean nationality. Additionally, sk graduated from Konkuk Uni & is renowned for his acting job​​.

6. What are Song Kang’s physical attributes?

A. Song is 186cm tall, + weighs 70Kg, black hair, plus dark brown eyes, plus his body measurements are approx. 43-31-16 inches​​.

7. Does Song Kang have any siblings?

A. Song has 1 brother​​.

8. Is Song Kang currently dating anyone?

A. Song keeps his personal life private, & as of now, there is no public info about sk dating life​​.

9. What is Song Kang’s estimated net worth?

A. Kang’s net worth is estimated between $1 million & $5 million​​.

10. Did Song Kang have any other career dreams?

A. Song once dreamed of choosing profession & becoming an architect​​.

11. What are some lesser-known facts about Song Kang?

A. Sk has multiple interests and achievements: sk was once a MC for “Inkigayo”, & appeared in “Touch ur Heart”, & was in “Village Survival,” plus loves mystery novels, additionally, admires BTS, plus plays the piano​​.

12. What was Song Kang’s debut film?

A. SK debut film was (BV) “Beautiful Vampire” (2018).

13. Can you list some of Song Kang’s drama series?

A. Notable plays featuring Kang include “Sweet Home”, + “Forecasting Love & Weather”, + “Nevertheless”, & “Navillera”, and both parts of “Love Alarm”​​.

14. What music videos has Kang appeared in?

A. Song appeared in music videos like “Sweet Summer Night” & “Love Story” & “Call Me Back.”​

15. What awards has Song Kang won?

A. Kang has earned several awards, including the A C A Excellence Award (ea) for play “Navillera” & Character of Year (cy) for play “Sweet Home” (sh) at the Seoul International (SI) Drama Awards​​.

16. What nominations has Kang received?

A. He was nominated for (NA) Newcomer Actor at the (AC) Asia Contents Awards & Best )NA) New Actor at the (BA) Baeksang Arts Awards for play “Sweet Home”​​.

17. What is Kang’s approach to life and work?

A. Kang believes in going with the flow, enjoying what he does, and living with a positive mindset. He also emphasizes the importance of inspiration and staying true to oneself​​.

18. How does Kang spend his off days?

A. On off days, Kang likes to think, go to the gym, read, and watch inspiring YouTube videos​​.

19. What genres does Kang enjoy?

A. Kang has a keen interest in horror thrillers involving zombies and monsters, as seen in his role in “Sweet Home”​​.

20. What is Kang’s philosophy for auditions?

A. During auditions, Kang strives to present his authentic self, believing that everyone has a unique attraction​​.

21. Who is Song Kang’s wife?

A. As of now, there are no public records or info about Song being married.

22. Does Song Kang have any ex-girlfriends?

A. Song’s past relationships & ex-gf’s have not been publicly disclosed.

23. Has Song Kang completed military service?

A. There is no widely available information about Kang’s military service.

24. Who are the members of Song Kang’s family?

A. He has parents & 1 brother.

25. What are some of Song Kang’s notable dramas?

A. A few of Kang’s notable dramas enclose “Love Alarm,” + “Sweet Home,” & “The Liar & His Lover.”

26. Where can Song Kang’s Instagram be found?

A. Kang’s IG can be found by searching his handle on IG, @songkang_b

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