March 4, 2024
Ong Seongwu Profile, GF, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More

Korean actor Ong Seongwu has captivated audiences with his versatile acting skills & charming presence. Emerging from his beginnings as a Kpop idol in one of the kgroup called WannaOne, wu has successfully transitioned to the acting world, showcasing his talent in various television dramas & films. His rise to fame is a testament to his hard work & dedication to his craft. Here you can read the elaborate ong seongwu profile. 


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Ong Seongwu Profile

Real Ireum: Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seongwu In Korean: 옹성우 

Stage Ireum: Seongwu 

In Korean: 성우 

SW Birth Land: South Korea 

SW Birthdate: 25th of August, 1995 

SW Birthplace: Incheon 

SW Nationality: Korean 

SW Zodiac Star: Virgo 

SW Chinese Star: –

SW Profession: Singer, + Dancer & Actor 

SW Physical Aspects

SW Height: 179cm approx. 5’10″ 

SW Weight: 63kg approx. 139 lbs 

SW Blood Type: A 

SW MBTI Type: – 


SW Family

SW Parents: – 

SW Brother: – 

SW Sister: 1 

SW Girlfriend: – 

SW Ex- Girlfriend: – 


SW Fandom

SW Fandom Ireum: WELO 

In Korean: 위로 

SW Fandom Ireum Meaning: to boost supporters to be together 

SW Fandom Color: – 


Social Media Accounts

SW Website:  Fantagio | ONGSEONGWU

SW Facebook: – 

SW Instagram: osw_onge 

SW Tiktok: – 

SW Twitter: officialtwt_OSW 

SW Thread: – 



Interesting Facts about Ong Seongwu


Early Life:


= Wu entered this world in Incheon, Korea.


= As the younger of two siblings, accompanied by an older sister.


= Wu educational journey led him through Guwol Middle School & later to HanlimMulti Art School, where wu completed his studies back in 2014.


= Wu passion for dancing & acting took him further to Dong Seoul University, where he specialized in both disciplines.


= During his formative years, Wu delved into the art of dance, showcasing his skills as part of various street & also B-boy dance groups.


= Interestingly, wu musical inclination sprouted from his mother’s encouragement to explore musical instruments.


= Inspired by his sister’s piano practice, wu found his rhythm through drumming.

Ong’s professional journey and career:


= In 2008, while rocking the drums at a band competition.


= Ong got spotted by Lion Media, an entertainment company that’s now history.


= They saw his talent and wanted him on board as a trainee.


= But, Lion Media hit some rough patches internally and eventually shut down.


= This caused a major delay in Ong’s debut, and on top of that, he had some contract issues that tied his hands, preventing wu from signing up with any other labels for a while.


= Finally, in Aug 2016, things took a turn for the better.


= Ong found himself signing up as an actor yes, with Fantagio, wu’s current label.


= This move came through thanks to a recommendation from one of wu’s professors at uni.

= Ong belongs to the roster at Fantagio Ent.


= Wu was a previous member of the popular boy band, Wanna One.


= Wu’s journey began in 2017 when wu participated in the competitive reality show “Produce101 S2.”


= Throughout the show, wu garnered tremendous support and secured the 5th rank yes, with a staggering 984756 votes, securing his spot in WannaOne.


= During his periodin that gc, Ong showcased his talents as a Lead Vocalist and Main Dancer.


= Before making it big, Seongwu trained under Fantagio for a span of eight months.


= In 2018, he stepped into a new role as an MC for MBC Music Core, adding another dimension to his versatile career.


= Wu made an appearance in this mv calledHuh Gak’s song called ‘Only You’.


Solo debut & Acting:

= Wu kicked off his own solo journey on1-9-2020, marking wu’s debut officially with the track “We Belong.”


= Following this, he officially entered the solo scene in Marchwith wu’s inaugural mini-album titled Layers.


= Plus, on April 9, news broke confirming Wu’s participation in the channel JTBC play “More Than Friends.”


= Later, on Oct24, wu unveiled “Late Regret,” his sixth release connected tothat play yes, More Than Friends.


Ong Military service:

= Label Fantagio made an announcement stating that Ong is scheduled to start his military service back on 04- 17 – 2023, with an expected discharge date of Oct 16th, 2024.


Interests, companions, inspirational figures, preferences, and additional aspects:

= He boasts about being the top-notch driver among WannaOne.


= When asked whom he’d trust to introduce to a hypothetical sister, Daehwi hinted that Seongwu & Daniel might not be the safest choices.


= When Wanna One settled into their dorm, they decided on rooms by playing rounds of ‘Rock Paper & Scissors.’


= Plus, Seongwu, Daniel, &  Jisung used to bunk together in one room during their time in Wanna One.


= Upon moving to two different apartments, Seongwu plus Daniel were previously roommates.


= Seongwu plus Woojin both have unusually flexible thumbs, allowing them to bend them more than the average person.


= Following Wanna One’s breakup, Seongwu shifted his focus towards advancing his own career in acting & singing.


= He’s an exceptional dancer, showcasing remarkable skills in popping plus freestyle, plus even joined the renowned Bboy Dance Crew, plus 20th Century BBoys.


= Aside from his dance prowess, Seongwu also exhibits musical talent as he’s adept at playing drums.


= Notably, he gained recognition for his habit of clapping the slate prior to rehearsals yes, a unique trademark.


= Interestingly, Seongwu possesses a rare ability: wu can fold his own ears &  then effortlessly unfold them without any physical contact.


= Before making his mark in the entertainment industry, Seongwoo juggled multiple parttime jobs, including working at a café & pursuing modeling gigs.


= On Produce101, Seongwu was the go-to person for lifting the group’s mood.


= Additionally, EXO’s Kai serves as his role model, inspiring him in his career.


= Ong’s surname, ‘Ong’, stands out as it’s not commonly found in Korea.


= Wu mentioned how rare it is, often encountering surprise from people who seldom remember it after the first mention.


= While attending the exact same school, wu plus ASTRO’s JinJin formed a bond despite JinJin being a junior. Their friendship grew during their time there.


Ong Seongwu Ideal Type

= Seongwu has expressed a preference for a partner who is older than him.


= He finds maturity and experience appealing, believing that these qualities complement his personality well. 


= He values the wisdom and guidance that an older partner might bring to a relationship, appreciating their perspective and understanding. 


= This inclination towards an older partner is based on his admiration for their life experiences and the stability they might offer in a relationship.


Ong Seongwu Girlfriend:

= As of now, Seongwu doesn’t have a romantic partner. Despite his popularity, he’s chosen to focus on his career rather than pursue a relationship. 


= He’s mentioned in interviews that he values his work and wants to dedicate his time and energy to it, prioritizing his goals in the entertainment industry. 


= While he’s open to relationships in the future, at this point, he’s content with dedicating himself fully to his craft.



Ong Seongwu Dramas List

= Strong Girl NamSoon + Year: 2023 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Himssenyeoja Kangnamsoon 


= Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? + Year: 2021 + Channel: KakaoTV + Episodes: 12 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Coffee Hanjan Halggayo? 


= More Than Friends + Year: 2020 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Kyungwooui Soo 


= At Eighteen + Year: 2019 + Channel: JTBC + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Yeolyeodeolui Soongan 


= Idol Fever + Year: 2017 + Channel: – + Episodes: 10 + Role: Guest + Korean Ireum: –




= Jungs Family’s Farm + Year: TBA + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Support + Korean Ireum: –

= Starlight Is Falling + Year: 2022 + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Byeolbichi Naerinda 


= 20th Century Girl + Year: 2022 + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Guest + Korean Ireum: 20segi Sonyeo 


= Life is Beautiful + Year: 2022 + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Insaengeun Areumdawo 


= Seoul Vibe + Year: 2022 + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: Seouldaejakjeon 


= Seungwu is Alright + Year: 2017 + Channel: – + Episodes: 1 + Role: Main + Korean Ireum: –


Ong Mini Albums: 

Ireum: Layers

Unleashed: March 25, 2020

Org Label: Fantagio Music

Album Form: CD + digital download + streaming


Ong Singles: 

Title: “We Belong” + Year: 2020 

Title: “Gravity” + Year: 2020



Ong Others Singles:

Title: “Heart Sign” + Year: 2019 Cat: Non album single

Ong Ost’s/ Soundtracks: 

Drama: “At Eighteen” + Title: “Our Story” + Year: 2019

Drama: “More Than Friends + Title: “Late Regret” + Year: 2020


Ong Collabs:

Titile: “Didn’t Say Anything” Co-singer: Jiyoung + Year: 202 + Cat: Non album single



Award Categoty: New Wave + Award For: “Life is Beautiful” + Year: 2022 + Award Ireum: 58th Daejong Film + Date & Year: Dec 9, 2022



FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What’s Seongwu’s birthplace?

A: Seongwu hails from Incheon, South Korea.

Q: When does Ong celebrate his birthday?

A: His birthday falls on August 25th.


Q: What astrological sign does Seongwu belong to?

A: Wu is a Virgo.


Q: How tall is Ong?

A: Wu stands at a height of 179 cm.


Q: What is the weight of Seongwu?

A: Wu weighs 63 kg.


Q: Can you pinpoint the Kpop group Ong was a part of?

A: Wu was a member of WannaOne.


Q: What’s the title of Ong’s fanbase?

A: Wu lovers are known as WELO.


Q: Did Ong have any particular function in WannaOne?

A: Yes, Wu was the Lead Vocal & Main Dancer.


Q: What’s unique about Ong thumb?

A: He & Woojin share the trait of having unusually flexible thumbs.


Q: What career path did Ong choose after WannaOne disbanded?

A: Wu pursued both acting & singing careers.


Q: Where did Ong receive his art education?

A: Wu attended HanlimMulti Art School in Seoul.

Q: What special dance skills does Ong possess?

A: Wu is skilled in popping & freestyle dancing.

Q: Did Ong ever have parttime jobs?

A: Yes, Wu labored parttime at a cafe & as a model.


Q: Who is Ong role model from the Kpop industry?

A: Wu role model is Kai from EXO.


Q: What instrument can Ong play?

A: Wu can play the drums.


Q: Has Ong served as a host or MC for any show?

A: Yes, Wu was an MC for MBC Music Core in 2018.


Q: What’s unique about Ong surname?

A: ‘Ong’ is a rare surname in Korea.


Q: When did Ong make his solo debut?

A: Wu debuted solo on Jan 9, 2020.


Q: What is Ong current military status?

A: Wu is enlisted & is expected to be discharged on Oct 16th, 2024.


Q: What type of person does Ong consider his ideal type?

A: Wu prefers somebody older than Wu.


Q: What happened to Ong Seongwu?

A: Wu’s actively pursuing his career in singing and acting. As of 2023, he is serving in the military, a mandatory service in South Korea.


Q: How old is Ong Seongwoo?

A: Wu’s 28 years old as of 2023.


Q: Does Ong Seongwu have a wife?

A: There is no public information about wu being married or having a wife.


Q: What is Ong Seongwu’s Instagram ID?

A: Wu’s IG handle is osw_onge.


Q: What is Ong Seongwu’s latest project in 2023?

A: As of 2023, Seongwu is engaged in his military service, which typically involves a hiatus from entertainment activities.


Q: Has Seongwu released any new music in 2023?

A: There is no info about latest music releases by wu in 2023, likely due to Wu military service.


Q: What are Seongwu’s plans after his military service?

A: Specific plans post-military service for wu have not been publicly conveyed, but supporters anticipate a return to his entertainment career.


Q: How has Seongwu’s military service impacted his career?

A: Military service is a common & expected interruption in the careers of Korean male megastars, &  it’s likely that wu’s career will resume upon completion of his service.


Q: What are fans’ expectations for Seongwu in 2024?

A: Supporters are likely looking forward to wu’s return to the entertainment industry & the release of unique projects following his service.


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