June 17, 2024
RIIZE's Anton Sparks Internet Frenzy with Epic Retort to 'Nepo Baby' Remark
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Rising Viral: RIIZE’s Anton’s Epic Response to “Nepo Baby” Tag

Anton fearlessly clapped back. RIIZE’s Anton is gaining massive traction post his light-hearted reaction to being marked a “nepo baby.”

Anton’s Swift Rise and Charisma

Since his very debut, Anton swiftly captured fans’ affection through his skills, + looks, & charm. Even prior to debuting, supporters were familiar with him due to his dad, renowned Korean composer, + record producer, vocalist, & lyricist Lee YoonSang.

A Memorable Collaboration: Anton and His Dad at the 2023 MBC Music Festival

On Dec 31, online users erupted with joy as Anton & his father presented a special joint stage yes, at the 2023 (MF) MBC Music Festival. So, their performance was a display of exceptional talent.

The Trendy “Get A Guitar” Moment: Anton & His Dad’s Post-Performance

Post their act, online users were ecstatically witnessing Anton & his father participating in the trending (GAG) “Get A Guitar” challenge.

Anton’s Witty Comeback to a Negative Remark

Amidst adoration from fans, negative comments surfaced. One remark, however, stood out—(NB) “NEPO BABYYY,” often used for celebs with famous parents, insinuating they leveraged connections for their careers.

Additionally, Rather than neglecting it, star Anton humorously replied with he remarked, “Born this way by LadyGaga,” a nod to Gaga track. This iconic response left netizens in stitches, although some were irked by the remark aimed at the idol.

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