March 4, 2024
Tracing the Beginnings of SEVENTEEN's Mingyu and Somi Dating Gossip: Fans Offer Support

Mingyu and Somi Dating Gossip!

Social Media Echoes Dating Rumors

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu & soloist Somi found themselves entangled in dating buzzes due to a common cardigan seen on their respective social media profiles. The conjecture triggered a mix of reactions among internet users, leading loyal lovers to defend the 2 idols against the swirling speculations.

Origins of the Dating Speculation

So, the dating speculation ignited when JS hosted a prelistening gathering for her EP, GP “Game Plan.” A netizen highlighted similarities in IG posts, initiating discussions.

Netizens expressed divided opinions—some inclined to believe the possibility, & others criticized the act of assuming a relationship actually based solely on IG posts.

Netizens’ Response to the Dating Speculation

Next, on Aug 11, Somi publicized glimpses from her (LP) listening party, & attended by several K-pop figures including BTS’s RM, + Woozi from SEVENTEEN, + Nayeon & Jihyo from TWICE, + GOT7’s Yugyeom, & HyunA, among others.

Moreover, the trigger for the speculation stemmed from Mingyu’s July 29 post donning a cardigan resembling the one seen at Somi’s event.

An online community image went viral as it drew attention to the flashy similitude between the cardigans, sparking dating rumors.

Speculation and Lack of Official Responses

Netizens engaged in negative commentary regarding the potential relationship between those 2 idols. Plus, others said that & even if they actually were dating, so, it wouldn’t be openly disclosed, referencing the recent controversy around SEVENTEEN’s Joshua’s alleged relationship. Moreover, PLEDIS & THEBLACKLABEL, neither, have addressed these rumors, maintaining silence alongside the idols.

Fan Defense and Concerns

Supporters rallied to defend Min & Somi, suggesting that the shared IG similarities might merely signify a friendship. They highlighted that several idols attended the gathering, pointing out Somi’s interactions with TWICE members, + Nayeon & Chaeyoung, hinting at a casual gathering among seniors & juniors.

Concerns arose amidst fan demands to shield Joshua, Mingyu’s bandmate, from harsh criticism following his previous dating rumors. Worries heightened over potential backlash towards Mingyu due to the dating speculation.

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