July 12, 2024
SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Creates Buzz with Startling Height Difference by 4'11" Japanese Actress
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Mingyu Creates Buzz with Startling Height Difference

The entire SVT group loomed over the actress. SVT Mingyu has surprised enthusiasts with his incredible stature while standing alongside a Japanese actress.

Min’s Endearing Allure & Striking Physical Presence:

Since his debut, Mingyu has consistently captivated online users with his skill, + stage charisma, persona, & appearance. Besides his exceptional talent, Min is also recognized for his towering height, measuring 187cm approx. . 6 feet 1.6 inches, & remarkable physique.

New Year Celebrations and a Memorable Encounter:

On Dec 31, the 17 members were present in Japan to mark the new year actually on NHK channel, delivering a stunning rendition of “Fallin’ Flower.”

A Remarkable Height Contrast:

During their conversation with the hosts, + a Japanese actress & former idol namely, Kanna Hashimoto joined in. When the camera focused on members, the disparity in height was striking. Kanna, standing at 152cm, even with heels, appeared diminutive next to all the members.

Mingyu’s Impactful Height Next to Kanna Hashimoto:

Specifically, in a close-up clip featuring Kanna & the tallest member, Min, online users couldn’t stop discussing the dramatic height difference.

The footage, shared across Japanese & international platforms, stirred surprise. While SEVENTEEN is acknowledged for their tall stature, the sight of Mingyu beside the 152cm Kanna was genuinely unexpected for netizens, including members Joshua & Hoshi.

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