June 18, 2024
Celebrating Kim Taehyung Triumphs with Double Win at Seoul Music Awards 2024: Dominates 'Main Prize' & 'Fan Choice'
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Celebrating Kim Taehyung Triumphs with Double Win

On Jan 2nd, the 33rd (SM) Seoul Music Awards unfolded at (RS) Rajamangala Stadium Bangkok city of Thailand. This annual event crowns its champions based on various metrics, including fan votes, music sales, & expert evaluations.

V’s Accolades at the 33rd Seoul Music Awards:

Taehyung, known as V in the acclaimed BTS group, clinched two prestigious awards: No.1 ‘Main Prize (Bonsang)’ & the esteemed No.2 is ‘Fan Choice.’ His recognition for ‘Main Prize (Bonsang)’ stemmed from his musical prowess, while the 2nd ‘Fan Choice’ this award was determined via supporters’ balloting.

V’s Triumph:

Taehyung’s success story is underlined by his exceptional 9-month streak yes, as the (AM) ‘Artist of Month’ & time period from April to Dec 2023. His unwavering fan support ensured his victory against fierce competition from other k-artists’ fanbases during that period.

Cheers to Taehyung’s Achievement!

Lastly, congrats to V for his remarkable achievements at the 33rd (SM) Seoul Music Awards! V’s wins underscore both his musical talent & the unwavering support of his devoted fan community.

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