July 12, 2024
Brewing Harmony: BTS' Taehyung Equates Compose Coffee to Musical Composition, Fans React
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So, read about how Taehyung equates Compose Coffee to Musical Composition.

Kim Taehyung’s Role as Compose Coffee Ambassador

BTS’s vocalist, Kim Taehyung, identified as V, was officially designated as ambassadorship for (CC) Compose Coffee on Dec 20, 2023. Additionally, since then, the global sensation has been prominently featured in both offline & online campaigns yes, for the brand, captivating attention with his charismatic presence.

Coffee Brand Collaboration and Taehyung’s Insights

On Jan 8, 2024, Compose Coffee unveiled an official advertisement & interview featuring the singer-songwriter. Moreover, in the interview snippet, Tae discusses the art of crafting perfect cup of (CC) Compose Coffee, drawing parallels between this process & musical composition.

Fans’ Observations and Social Media Buzz

Keen-eyed fans noted similarities between Taehyung’s hairstyle in the interview and the iconic appearance of the music legend, Beethoven. They took to Twitter, remarking on the resemblance and lauding V’s creativity with playful hashtags “It’s Veethoven now.”

Extensive Campaign Reach and Franchise Presence

Although, Compose Coffee’s marketing of V’s spans over 2400 franchises throughout South Korea. Teaser posters with captions like “V IS COMING” & “eVeryone is composer” flooded this brand’s official SNS, heightening anticipation.

Contract Negotiations and Business Impact

The brand concluded filming with Taehyung in early Dec 2023, yet his appearances in commercials continue through Jan 2024. Approval from the bulk of franchise owners paved the way for (cc) Compose Coffee to secure V as their new brand face.

Impressive User Growth and Media Reports

V’s association with Compose Coffee propelled the app’s user base from under 9.3M to over 12M, as documented by K-media W Life. The app saw a surge of 2.6M fresh users within a mere 10-day period from Dec 23, 2023, till Jan 1, 2024.

Twitter Buzz and Taehyung’s Creative Connection

Fans flooded Twitter, expressing their delight at Taehyung’s coffee-as-music analogy, noting his resemblance to Beethoven, the iconic figure from romantic era.

Compose Coffee’s Innovative App

Launched in 2021, Compose Coffee’s app revolutionized the ordering process, enabling users to pre-order drinks for quick pickup. With over 12M subscribers, the app locates nearby retailers and allows customized orders without the need to wait & hold in queues.

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