June 17, 2024
Farewell for Now: EXO's Sehun disclosed Enlistment Plans, Date Dec 21, Pens Emotional Note to Fans
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Sehun disclosed Enlistment Plans!

EXO’s Sehun Upcoming Military Enlistment

Sehun has declared his impending military enlistment. He disclosed this news via personal, handwritten memo to his supporters on Weverse.

EXO’s Sehun Letter to Fans

So, in his message, Sehun inquired about the well-being & health of his supporters. Then, he discloses to his fans, particularly those in the authorized EXO fan club, called EXOL, regarding his enlistment at such short notice. So, his enlistment is selected to initiate on December 21.

Plus, Sehun conveyed that he himself has been consuming time in solitude, & taking care of himself & engaging in deep reflection. 

This period of introspection led him to choose a written letter as the medium to communicate with his fans, rather than a direct interaction.

Message of Gratitude and Hope

Sehun transmitted his gratitude to all those who supported him & expressed his hope for everyone’s health & well-being. He guaranteed his supporters that he would return healthy & asked for their understanding for not being able to bid farewell in person.

Sehun Following Kai’s Steps

However, in May, EXO’s Kai commenced his military service. With Sehun’s enlistment, he becomes the last member of EXO to serve in the military.

Best Wishes for Sehun

Fans & well-wishers are sending Sehun their best as he prepares for his military service, eagerly awaiting his safe return.

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