June 18, 2024
Song Kang's Bittersweet Farewell: 'Sweet Home 2' Marks His Final Project Pre-Military Service
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Song Kang’s Bittersweet Farewell: ‘Sweet Home 2’ Marks His Final Project Pre-Military Service

Unveiling ‘Sweet Home 2’ at Press Conference:

During the press gathering on Nov 30, the team gathered to discuss the impending launch of the most thrilling play ‘Sweet Home 2’.

Song Kang’s Reflections on ‘Sweet Home’ Impact:

So, Song Kang, essaying the role of protagonist Hyun Soo, shared insights into his personal & professional evolution post ‘Sweet Home’.

He expressed, “‘Sweet Home’ holds immense significance for me, shaping a significant part of my identity. For the second season, I delved inwardly, journaling HyunSoo’s character. Given the fantastical nature of the narrative, I focused on the detachment from reality while reflecting on HyunSoo’s sentiments and mindset.”

Director’s Vision for Hyun Soo’s Evolution:

Director EungBok highlighted the character’s evolution, mentioning, “With span passing since part1, I envisioned Hyun Soo’s growth. Witnessing Kang’s arrival on set, I noticed his remarkable personal growth, deeply touching me.”

Song Kang’s Acknowledgment of Military Service:

Song Kang also acknowledged his impending military service, hinting that ‘Sweet Home2’ could mark kang’s final project yes, right before enlistment. “It’s a natural obligation, so after wrapping up ‘Sweet Home2’ promotions, I’ll fulfill my duties & back in good shape & health,” the actor affirmed.

Global Premiere Details:

The series, also featuring Jin Wook, + Lee Si Young, + Go Min Si, + Jinyoung, + Yoo Oh Sung, & Kim Moo Yeol will globally broadcast on Dec 1, 2023.

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