June 18, 2024
Park BoYoung And Park HyungSik
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Park BoYoung and Park HyungSik will Delight the Fans With (SA) Special Appearances in serial “Strong Woman Kang NamSoon” (SWKNS).

Park BoYoung and Park HyungSik

Yes, this series will feature special appearances of an iconic duo namely, Park Boyoung and Park HyungSik, they were praised for their astounding work in the soap (SWDBS) “Strong Woman Do Bongsoon” & they’re for now, going to add strength/ power to the next serial.

Insider statement

“Strong Woman Kang NamSoon” insider verified on the 30th of March the fact that “Park BoYoung and Park HyungSik got proposals to make (SA) grand special appearances, & by now they’ve finished shooting.”

About “Strong Woman Do BongSoon”

The love sitcom “Strong Woman Do BongSoon” leads Park BoYoung as BongSoon, a young lady with extraordinary strength, along with features HyungSik, JiSoo, & others. While pursuing her goal to turn into a game creator, also BongSoon falls in love.

About “Strong Woman Kang NamSoon”

Moreover, this “Strong Woman Kang NamSoon” soap (series to the blockbuster 2017 soap “Strong Woman Do BongSoon) will be centered on Do BongSoon’s distant relative or cousin namely, Kang NamSoon who possesses great powers.

Characters & role

The major cast members are Lee YooMi, Ong Seong Wu (OSW), Byun Woo Seok(BWS), Kim Hae Sook (KHS), & Kim JungEun (KJE).

1- Kim JungEun portrays GeumJoo, a rich and upright woman from Gangnam and she has been compulsively carrying out kind deeds in an effort to locate her missing kid.

2- NamSoon, a playful & cheerful young lady of outstanding strength, is going to be performed by (LYM) Lee YooMi. The lady went missing in the country Mongolia & arrived in Gangnam for seeking her biological parents.

3- Ong Seong Wu (OSW) is going to portray HeeSik, an investigator on an undercover investigation squad looking into drug activity in Gangnam who NamSoon has feelings for.

4- Byun WooSeok, (Ryu SiOh) an endearing villain/scoundrel.

5- Gil JoongGan, the maternal grandma of NamSoon, portrayed by skilled actress (KHS) Kim HaeSook.

Releasing schedule

“Strong Woman Kang NamSoon” (SWKNS) will air on television in the 1st part of 2013.

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