May 28, 2024
SF9's Rowoon alongside Jo Boah and others confirmed to be in new serial 'Destined with You'
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SF9’s Rowoon alongside Jo Boah and others confirmed to be in new serial “Destined with You!”

So, Rowoon, Jo Boah, Yura & Ha Joon will be acting in a coming drama called “Destined with You.”

About drama

A coming JTBC serial, “Destined with You,” centers around Jang Shinyu, a lawyer who actually becomes a victim due to a or of this prohibited book, & Lee Hongjo, a government employee in the Dept. of Greenery, & she get that forbidden book. This book was entirely sealed/ locked 300 years ago.

Actors & their characters

However, Jo Boah adopts the role of Hongjo, a ninth-level civil officer who resolves civil disputes at the (OCH) Onju City Hall & who will end the Shinyu curse. She’s someone who is accustomed to being alone yet continually tries her best through experiencing unimaginable problems. Unexpectedly, she acquires a ‘wood box’ that has the secret to lifting Zhang Xinyu’s curse/ jinx.

Rowoon turns into the skilled attorney Shinyu while he waits for the legitimate proprietor of that “wooden box” to break the curse from him. He seeks assistance from Hongjo, the actual owner of that wooden box (WB) in an effort to remove the curse which has been transmitted down from one generation to the next generation as the disease of unidentified origin worsens, feeling like he’s grasping at least a piece of straw, & encounters an unanticipated upheaval.

Ha Joon portrays Jae Kyung. Jae is Wenju city hall’s (WHC) lover means WHC people love him plus on whom Hongjo has a crush. Jae rarely expresses his genuine emotions and conceals his scars behind an endearing grin. A person who changes his mind after noticing Hongjo & Shinyu, who once appeared to be incompatible, become closer.

Yura portrays Na Yeon, Shinyu’s lover. The long-suppressed side of Shinyu starts to come out with his specific interest in Hongjo, whom he had previously mistreated.

Director & writer

Drama produced by Nam Kihoon, with a script by Noh Jiseol. Director Jihoon demonstrated passionate directorial abilities in the drama’s like “Tunnel,” “Voice 3,” & “Kiss Six Sense.”

Releasing date

Lastly, JTBC’s serial “Destined with You” (DWY) will air in August 2023.

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