May 28, 2024
Tale Of Nine-Tailed 1938 Trailer
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Lee Dong Wook Life takes an unexpected turn when he time traveled in forthcoming series namely, Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938 trailer.

The 2nd part of the serial “Tale of Nine-Tailed” (TONT) on channel tvN is nearing! as well as (awa) has made an exciting initial preview available.

About Preview & trailer

As their forthcoming serial “Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938,” (LDW) featuring Lee DongWook, TV Network tvN unveiled a captivating photograph back on March 28.

However, but now, in the tumultuous period 1938, moreover, YiYeon has been pulled into, all this is now shown in the very 1st trailer of the series namely, “Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938,” which broadcasted on March 31.

About “Tale of Nine-Tailed” cast

Furthermore, “Tale of Nine-Tailed,” broadcasted in 2020 & also featured Lee DongWook (LDW), Jo BoAh, alongside Kim Bum, narrates the tale about man plus a gumiho (namely, Lee Dong Wook LDW) a legendary 9-tailed fox Yiyeon in the current/ new era.

About “Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938”

Yet, despite having a happy final in the initial part with JiAh (BoAh), YiYeon now caught up yet in an unforeseen situation plus transported to the old times in 1938. Finally, the forthcoming series will concentrate on Yi Yeon’s frantic efforts to get back (the place where he belongs) to the new era, where all of yiyeon dearest friends & family are.

New cast

Additionally, 1st season/ part characters namely, Lee Dong Wook alongside Kim Bum both stars returning in part 2 also new members will also take part in this series namely, Kim SoYeon alongside Ryu Kyung Soo.

Want to know, what sort of tasks are awaiting for YiYeon & for what reason he transferred to the old era of 1938?

Releasing date & time

Lastly, The very 1st episode of part 2 namely, “Tale of Nine Tailed 1938” series is scheduled to broadcast on coming May 6 at around 9:20 KST night.

Check out the thrilling preview of Tale Of Nine-Tailed 1938 Trailer right here!

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