Taxi Driver 3 Now Confirmed! Is Lee Je Hoon Will Be In Cast?

Taxi Driver 3 Now Confirmed! Is Lee Je Hoon Will Be In Cast?

It’s finally official: SBS’s series, namely, Taxi Driver 3 finally is confirmed!

Ratings of Taxi Driver 2

The renowned series, which had a great first season/ part back in 2021, come back for another part 2 this past Feb. Not merely completed “Taxi Driver 2” succeeded in surpassing Part 1. Still, it also had the best rankings of any serial that premiered in 2023.

Following sixteen episodes plus an intriguing finale involving the Rainbow Taxi team, Taxi Driver 2 concluded with an amazing audience rate of 21 percent on the 15th of April.

Taxi Driver 3

The makers of “Taxi Driver” disclosed that the serial “Taxi Driver 3” had now already been in making/ production on 16th April, one day after when “Taxi Driver 2” ending broadcast.

The upcoming 3rd part of the serial “Taxi Driver” officially has just been reported, according to a spokesman of the production crew. “From this point forward, we intend to begin talking with the author/writer, actors, plus director.”

When the most recent season ended, the show’s hero Lee Jehoon previously made an expected continuation hint in his thanking Insta message. & he also has already stated in interviews/ discussions that he wishes/ hopes to come back in next season/ part.

Taxi Driver 3 Cast

However, the production crew is continuing in discussions/ talking about the cast/ actors who’re in Taxi Driver3 about the potential of their comeback. Although, the shooting timetable for the third season/ part is still yet to be established. The second part of the television series has recently come to a finish.

Lee Je Hoon IG message

I want to thank all of our audience for supporting and loving “Taxi Driver2”.

Even into the second half, I gave it my all to make an excellent/ good show. I sincerely thank U.

I will always remember the personnel, actors, & producers of the program, along with the writer & also the director who collaborated/ made “Taxi Driver 2.” I appreciate all of your efforts/hard work.

Additionally, he wrote, “Don’t get sick as well as please don’t get harmed until the day we reunite again.
He continued, “Let’s reunite with a smile.”

Ended note.

About “Taxi Driver”

So, the plot centers on a group of individuals who appear to be employees of the (RTC) Rainbow Taxi Company. Workers provide an opportunity where they exact vengeance on criminals & the perpetrators on behalf of the sufferers. Lee Jehoon, Pyo Yejin, Kim Euisung, Jang Hyukjin, plus Bae Yoo Ram are the main characters/ cast. Shin Jaeha gave one of part 2 greatest performances as Oh Hajun & Danwoo.

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