April 24, 2024
Lee JaeWook And Jo BoAh Will Be Cast In New Historical Romance Serial Tangeum
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Lee JaeWook and Jo BoAh will be cast In new historical romance serial Tangeum 呑金

Actors agencies response

Sportsworld announced on the 19th that star Lee Jae Wook would be portraying the male protagonist, HongRang, in the forthcoming historical drama, namely “Tangeum.” 

Later, Xportsnews disclosed the following date that star Jo Bo Ah is going to be appearing in the TV series as JaeYi.

Both Lee Jae Wook’s agency called CJeS Studios & Jo Bo Ah’s management company Keyeast commented in reaction to the claims that they’re currently assessing proposals to feature in the serial.

About “Tangeum”

The historical mysterious romance drama, namely, “Tangeum,” which centers on the same-named book, follows the tale of Jaei, the child of rich Joseon Dynasty merchant Yeolguk & his wife Jeongsil, & Hongrang.

The main protagonist a half-sibling who’s searching for the truth behind the mystery of the boy who disappeared as a kid and came back in the Joseon Dynasty. It depicts the tale of neglected children falling in love with one another & provides insight into the missing kids of those times.

Lee Jae Wook role

Lee Jae Wook portrays Hongrang, an enormous figure in the Joseon Era whose mother was the royal bride of Danju. Geum Okyeop had grown up; however, he left his family when he was just a small boy. After over ten years, although, he mysteriously reappears. Even though they’re half-siblings and have always been very close, they grow a peculiar bond with his sister Jaeyi, who frequently questions their relationship. He’s a shady character who has been gone for ten years; don’t even know his real name or the real reason he rose to the top again.

Jo Bo Ah Role

The character of Jaeyi, portrayed by Jo Boah, has a captivating and enigmatic attractiveness. Fire, water, & improvisation are the finest ways to get rid of anything when you want to accomplish something. She is attractive and intelligent, but she also has a negative attitude. She also possesses a high degree of fraudulent talent.

Writer & Director

There will be 16 episodes of “Tangeum.” The serial was written by author Kim JinAh. Her other works include “Brain,” “Rebel,” “Voice,” plus “Luka,” “Paper House,” & “Bait.” Kim Hongseon, the director, was in charge of the direction.

About Lee Jae Wook

The 2 parts of the fantasy romantic thriller drama “Hwanhon” aired on tvN, which finished earlier this year, were superbly performed by Lee Jaewook. He gained positive feedback by performing a variety of genres, such as action, romance, plus bromance. Most recently, he had a brief appearance as Kyunggu’s childhood in Netflix’s movie called “Gil Bok-soon,” making a lasting impact.

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