A Stellar Cast: Who’s Joining Hwang Minhyun & Kim So Hyun in New Drama “Useless Lies?”

Hwang Minhyun & Kim So Hyun i& others n New Drama Useless Lies

The supporting roles for the coming serial “Useless Lies” has now been finalized!

Hwang Minhyun & Kim So Hyun both were revealed as the primary cast members back in November.

It was made public on May 4th the following: Yoon Ji On, also Seo Ji Hoon, lastly, Lee Si Woo– all going to be a part of “Useless Lies.”

About “Useless Lies”

Although, the suspenseful romantic soap “Useless Lies” centers on a lady who possesses the ability or power to hear falsehoods and a brilliant producer who’s covering/hiding his true identity.

Cast & their characters

Minhyun will portray the renowned music producer namely, DoHa, who is keeping a low profile owing to a particular situation. When he moved in next home to Mok Solhee, he began to smile again.

Kim Sohyun is set to portray Mok Solhee, a character who has lost confidence in people around her due to her extraordinary capacity to hear falsehoods. Mok Solhee sees her unusual ability as a curse, although she tries to make the best of it by turning into a “liar hunter” & looks for the truth.

Next, the Seo Jihoon is going to portray Lee Kangmin, a (PD) police detective, and he’ll be Solhee’s first love & reconcile with Solhee after 3 years.

Jo Deukchan, the CEO of J Ent. & the sole individual who is aware of Doha’s secret, is portrayed by Yoon Jion. Jo Deukchan is the person who introduced Doha to songwriting & cherishes Doha like his own real brother.

It has been disclosed that Lee Siwoo officially will take on prominent soloist Sha On, who views herself as Doha’s soul mate.

Minhyun statement regarding drama

About this new soap, Kim Minhyun stated, “I’m so pleased and thrilled to be collaborating with actors plus a director whom I’ve always liked.” I diligently work very hard on producing to reveal a fresh and enjoyable side of myself thru Mok Solhee. “I’m honored and delighted to play Doha.”

Minhyun further said, “I believe I’ll be capable to display another side of myself because the character is that of a (MP) mysterious producer”. He added, “Please/kindly looking forward to this drama.”

On-air date

Lastly, it is slated for broadcast as a 2-day (Monday-Tuesday) drama only on channel tvN in the coming July.

Script reading clip

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