“The Killer’s Shopping Mall” Cast Confirmed: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Hye Joon & Park Ji Bin Will Be In This New Drama

The Killer's Shopping Mall

Lee Dong Wook along with Kim Hyejoon plus Park Jibin the trio has been selected for the forthcoming serial called “The Killer’s Shopping Mall.” (TKSM is an exciting serial).

So, as per the reports, Disney+ unveiled the cast/ actors for its forthcoming series, namely “Killer’s Shopping Mall” back on 2nd May.

Additionally, Park Ji Bin has been verified to feature in this drama; also, according to a report from Cuz-9 Ent. back on Jan 16.

Lee Dong Wook plus Kim Hyejoon, both celebs who were speculated together as the central characters the previous year, are now confirmed for their specific roles.

About “The Killer’s Shopping Mall”

Additionally, this action series (TKSM) “Killer’s Shopping Mall,” actually which relies on the book by novelist Kang Jiyoung, depicts the surprising tale of a person who sadly lost her parents, moves into her uncle’s home, actually manages a shopping mall.

Although the unexpected loss of her uncle. So, the circumstances pushed her to face some new realities or truths.

Cast & their role

Lee Dongwook portrays Uncle JungJin, who secretively manages a mysterious (SM) shopping mall & plus looks after his only niece Jian, a kid who sadly, lost her parents.

Next, Kim Hye Joon portrays Jungjin’s niece Jian raised by her amazing uncle after losing both of her parents.

These 2 actors, namely Dong Wook plus Hye Joon, who’re collaborating on a series for the very 1st time, & viewers have eagerly anticipated their on-screen chemistry.

Total episodes & releasing year

This K-drama will reportedly consist of 8 episodes.

The official opening episode of (TKSM) “Killer’s Shopping Mall” has been tentatively scheduled for 2024.

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