May 28, 2024
K-Drama Crash Course In Romance Happy Ending, Review, Synopsis And Its Cast
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“K-Drama Crash Course In Romance Happy Ending, Review, Synopsis And Its Cast”

About Crash Course In Romance

English Title: Crash Course in Romance
Korean Title: 일타스캔들,일타 스캔들
Channel: tvN
Genres of CCR: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Status: Completed
Ep: 16

Crash Course in Romance Plot

Nam HaengSeon (Jeon Do Yeon) once competed at the national level. Presently she manages a side dish shop. She has unstoppable stamina but also an excellent outstanding personality. She reaches the private education sector, which is; for college students gearing up for their university tests. HaengSeon accidentally becomes involved with teacher ChiYeol (Jung Kyung Ho).

ChiYeol is a renowned teacher in the private tutoring sector. He puts a lot of effort into what he does. He imparts knowledge to his pupils without restraint and uses showmanship in his lectures. As a well-known teacher, he has amassed money and renown, but as his success has grown, so has his touchiness, prickliness, and detachment from people.

Then he encounters HaengSeon, who has an overabundance of strength and an amazing, tremendous personality. ChiYeol and HaengSeon’s relationship progresses romantically.

Crash Course in Romance Cast

Crash Course In Romance Happy Ending, Review, Synopsis And Its Cast

Crash Course in Romance Summary / Synopsis

The best pupil in her classroom is HaeYi. She does even so believe that enrolling in an academy will help her with mathematics. HaengSeon, her mum, works hard to secure her place in the classroom of renowned math instructor ChiYeol. Although ChiYeol frequently visits HaengSeon’s store, HaengSeon is unaware of his fame as an instructor. After enrolling in ChiYeol’s class, HaeYi’s math skills increased, and she even qualified for the special program.

The issue starts at this point. Due to Sua’s perception of HaeYi as a competitor, Sua’s mum uses her power to have HaeYi expelled from the special program. ChiYeol dislikes it & finally discovers that HaengSeon is the mom of HaeYi. ChiYeol decides to offer HaeYi private teaching because she genuinely feels sorry for her.

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ChiYeol consistently makes an effort to isolate himself from every other human, but shockingly, he begins to warm up to HaengSeon’s kin as they eventually integrate into his inner group. Because he thinks HaengSeon is wedded, ChiYeol feels sorry about his feelings for HaengSeon as he begins to grow feelings for her & fall in love.

Sua’s mum creates fake a narrative regarding HaengSeon and ChiYeol having an extramarital affair, which regrettably causes a rift between the 2. However, HaeYi discloses a huge secret: HaengSeon is her auntie, who actually raised her when HaengJa, mum, abandoned her.

Yeol and HaengSeon now begin dating. Yeol and HaengSeon now begin dating guilt-free. He is unaware that a significant event is occurring at this moment that concerns him. Two individuals are even killed when they stir up problems for ChiYeol. Because metal balls served as a tool in those incidents, they were eventually referred to as (MBM) “metal ball murders”. Her family is also in danger due to they are all close to Yeol.

After HaeYi’s abduction they later her family finds her in a coma during her comma time they all come to know manager ji is the real murderer.

K-Drama Crash Course In Romance Happy Ending, Review, Synopsis And Its Cast

HaeYi was unaware that SeonJae had a secret crush on her. When GeonHoo arrives and creates a love triangle, SeonJae feels endangered. He was constantly clingy to her & even told her he loved her. But after HaeYi’s hospitalization, SeonJae later came open about his feelings for her.

Crash Course in Romance Happy Ending

So, Yes here is Crash Course in Romance happy ending!

The actual murderer, (Shin Jae Ha) manager Ji, did suicide in the end. HaengSeon wishes to wait until she fulfills her goal before getting married. She wishes to sports instructor, also ChiYeol is supportive of her goal. SunJae, Sua, and HaeYi all entered pre-med after scoring well on the CSAT.

GeonHu is still making an effort to succeed in the entrance examination. Sua has put her competitive spirit aside and has become friendly with others. SunJae, who has been awaiting a response from HaeYi, eventually receives a Yes, while ChiYeol is still awaiting for HaengSeon to complete the exam so that they can wed.

After YeongJu becomes pregnant, JaeWoo & YeongJu officially record their wedding. As HaengSeon’s test result is the sole thing standing in their way, all of them are awaiting it. HaengSeon eventually succeeds in passing the test and is certified as a sports teacher after numerous tries.

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