May 28, 2024
Strangers Again Review its Cast And Ending
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K-Drama Strangers Again Review, Strangers Again Cast And Strangers Again Ending

About Kdrama Strangers Again

Korean Title: 남이 될 수 있을까?

English Title: Strangers Again

No. of Ep: 12

Year: 2023

Genre: Law + Romance also Drama

Country: South Korea

Strangers Again Plot

HaRa (real name Kang SoRa), a renowned divorce attorney nicknamed “Goddess of Litigation,” but also HaRa’s former husband EunBeom (real name Jang SeungJo), a talented/ skilled attorney, are the central characters of the drama series. Despite having previously married, the 2 now lead separate lifestyles while still being coworkers within the same law company. Strangers Again, that starring Kang SoRa & Jang Seung Jo.

Strangers Again Cast


strangers again cast

!!! Spoiler Alert !!!

If you don’t enjoy dramas with angst and depressing ends, this one is not for you. Additionally, if you don’t mind endings, I strongly advise go & watch it because the conversations and dialogue are meaningful you should consider giving it a try.

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Strangers Again Review

Gorgeous HaRa is a well-known divorce attorney who practices at a reputable law company. She owns all the things a lady could desire. But she’s not truly happy.

HaRa and EunBeom, a past married spouse, had 10 years of connection & marriage 1 day EunBeom unexpectedly told HaRa he’d fallen in love with some other girl & wanted a divorce. Her unsuccessful marriage still has an emotional wound.

Her world is turned on its head when she’s pushed to partner with her former husband, EunBeom, a divorce attorney who has been hired back by the company’s CEO.

kang so ra and jun seung jo 1 jpg

HaRa and EunBeom momentarily have lots of new chances to speak in-depth well about popular issues that occur in marriages, discussions that innately evoke nostalgic memories regarding their previous relationship. They work in a law firm that specializes in divorce cases of various types.

Moreover, to try separating the two EunBeom introduces HaRa to his closest male buddy Min Jae Gyeom (real name Mu Jin Sung; maybe you guys notice Mu Jin Sung facial feature is very similar to Lee Jong Suk if you didn’t notice that look closely, anyways). Nevertheless, that new relationship period is short-lived because HaRa can’t seem to get over EunBeom.

Kang so ra and mu jin sung

With so many additional attorneys at work, along with HaRa’s closest buddy BiChwi and her colleague SiWook one day it was discovered that SiWook has a very long crush on BiChwi. Working within the same company once more brings up old personal & legal problems which make their job challenging.

The ex-lovers get back together after the male acquaintance leaves the picture, particularly after HaRa finds out that EunBeom never actually had an affair with any other lady. They become more intimate with each other both at work & outside of work, which makes them recognize that they still hold strong romantic emotions for each other.

K-Drama Strangers Again Review its Cast And Ending

However one day, EunBeom eventually breaks his silence to HaRa, revealing that the true cause he separated from her was just because she wanted kids while he didn’t. It comes out that his mum had accused him of his smaller sister’s death the girl had walked outside alone & was dead in an accident. So, his mum’s resentment towards him & the mental problems that followed this loss had tormented him horribly.

K-Drama Strangers Again Review its Cast And Ending

They reconciled, but after a while, EunBeom ended things with her once more because he misheard what she was saying to her mom. Despite this, they both continued to love one another.

Later on, this pair experiences their own problems, particularly after BiChwi becomes pregnant. BiChwi is reluctant to get married, particularly after seeing the tumultuous relationship HaRa has with Eun Beom, regardless SiWook’s determination to be a supportive spouse and dad in the circumstance. But in the end, BiChwi was able to accept getting married to SiWook.

Kdrama Strangers Again Ending: Happy or Sad

The ending was an emotional rollercoaster fraught with anxiety. BiChwi and SiWook had happy endings, & EunBeom & his parent were reunited. It was painful to see EunBeom and HaRa separate ways, though. Although EunBeom admits that he still loves HaRa, he’s currently unfit for a relationship or any commitment due to his underlying mental health problems.

HaRa, on the other side, is aware that she always be attached to EunBeom & made the decision to avoid interacting with individuals like JaeGyum who she might inadvertently hurt. The major unanswered issue is whether EunBeom & HaRa in the end really truly become strangers again. Sigh! The finale left watchers in a suspenseful predicament.

strangers again ending

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