April 24, 2024
2018 Korean Drama List & Best Korean Movies 2018
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Here is the list of Highest rating Drama 2018 list & best Korean movies 2018, also 2018 Korean drama list completed & all Korean movies 2018 list below! Get ready & update your watching list!”

Highest rating Korean drama 2018

Below are Highest rating Korean drama 2018 / Top 15 Korean dramas of 2018!

Just Dance {SK serial}

The Guest {SK serial}

Marry Me Now? {SK serial}

ID: Gangnam Beauty {SK serial}

My Secret, Terrius {SK serial}

Welcome to Waikiki {SK serial}

My Mister {SK serial}

Mr. Sunshine {SK serial}

Switch: Change the World {SK serial}

What’s Wrong With SecretaryKim {SK serial}

Tempted {SK serial}

Life on Mars {SK serial}

Your Honor {SK serial}

Live {SK serial}

Are You Human? {SK serial}

2018 Korean Drama List

Below are 2018 Korean drama list/ all 2018 Korean drama list completed! watch it and share it! 

Familiar Wife {SK serial}

I Don’t Care {SK serial}

Children of Lesser God {SK serial}

Switch: Change the World {SK serial}

Fates & Furies {SK serial}

I’m Mother, Too {SK serial}

Children of Nobody {SK serial}

Feel Good To Die {SK serial}

ID: Gangnam Beauty {SK serial}

Clean With Passion {SK serial}

Fluttering Warning {SK serial}

Secret Mother {SK serial}

It’s My Life {SK serial}

Coffee, Please {SK serial}

Four Men {SK serial}

Yeonnam-dong 539 {SK serial}

Secrets and Lies {SK serial}

Come and Hug Me {SK serial}

The Ghost Detective {SK serial}

See You Again {SK serial}

Cros {SK serial}

The Good Witch {SK serial}

Lady Cha DalRae’s Lover {SK serial}

Short {SK serial}

The Last Empress {SK serial}

Lawless Lawyer {SK serial}

Should We Kiss First {SK serial}

Less than Evil {SK serial}

Your Honor {SK serial}

Sketch {SK serial}

Let Me Introduce Her {SK serial}

Your House Helper {SK serial}

SKY Castle {SK serial}

Let’s Eat 3 {SK serial}

Wok of Love {SK serial}

Something About Us {SK serial}

Life {SK serial}

Witch’s Love {SK serial}

The Undateables {SK serial}

Where Stars Land {SK serial}

Something in the Rain {SK serial}

Life on Mars {SK serial}

Sound of ur Heart Reboot {SK serial}

What’s Wrong With SecretaryKim {SK serial}

Live {SK serial}

Still 17 {SK serial}

Welcome to Waikiki {SK serial}

Love Like a Human {SK serial}

Suits {SK serial}

Waves, Waves v{SK serial}

Love To The End {SK serial}

Sunny Again Tomorrow {SK serial}

Voice 2 {SK serial}

Lovely Horribly {SK serial}

Sweet Revenge 2 {SK serial}

Mama Fairy & the Woodcutter {SK serial}

Tempted {SK serial}

Goodbye to Goodbye {SK serial}

Marry Me Now? {SK serial}

That Man Oh Soo {SK serial}

Grand Prince {SK serial}

Matrimonial Chaos {SK serial}

Time When Time Stops {SK serial}

Heart Surgeons {SK serial}

Memories of the Alhambra {SK serial}

The 3rd Charm {SK serial}

Hide and Seek {SK serial}

Mistress {SK serial}

High-End Crush {SK serial}

Miracle We Met {SK serial}

100 Days My Prince {SK serial}

Hold Me Tight {SK serial}

Misty {SK serial}

The Beauty Inside {SK serial}

A Poem A Day {SK serial}

Ms. Ma, Nemesis {SK serial}

The Guest {SK serial}

About Time {SK serial}

Mother {SK serial}

The Time {SK serial}

Are You Human? {SK serial}

Mr. Sunshine {SK serial}

Top Star YooBaek {SK serial}

Bad Papa {SK serial}

Dear My Room {SK serial}

Ms. Hammurabi {SK serial}

Big Forest {SK serial}

JangGeum, Oh My Grandma {SK serial}

Devilish Charm {SK serial}

Just Dance {SK serial}

Dokgo Rewind {SK serial}

Kangnam Scandal {SK serial}

Encounter {SK serial}

My Contracted Husband {SK serial}

Radio Romance {SK serial}

Queen of Mystery2 {SK serial}

Partners for Justice {SK serial}

My First Love {SK serial}

The Player {SK serial}

The Rich Son {SK serial}

Quiz from God {SK serial}

My Healing Love {SK serial}

Return {SK serial}

My Mister {SK serial}

Priest {SK serial}

My Only One {SK serial}

Rich Man {SK serial}

My Secret, Terrius {SK serial}

Pledge To God {SK serial}

My Strange Hero {SK serial}

Risky Romance {SK serial}

Mysterious Personal Shopper {SK serial}

Room No. 9 {SK serial}

Best Korean Movies 2018

Below are some of best Korean movies 2018 list, bookmarked it!

The Last 49 Days {SK film}

The Great Battle {SK film}

Intimate Strangers {SK film}

Believer {SK film}

Spy Gone North{SK film}

Dark Figure of Crime {SK film}

Default {SK film}

Keys to Heart {SK film}

The Witch 1 {SK film}

The Accidental Detective {SK film}

Korean movies 2018 list

Below are all Korean movies 2018 list!

Hit the Night {SK film}

March for My Love {SK film}

Blue Mouthed Face {SK film}

Human, Space, Time & Human {SK film}

Marionette {SK film}

Dark Figure of Crime {SK film}

A Field Day {SK film}

Memento Mori {SK film}

Deep {SK film}

A Living Being {SK film}

Mermaid Unlimited {SK film}

Default {SK film}

Tiger in Winter {SK film}

Microhabitat {SK film}

Deja Vu {SK film}

Miss Baek {SK film}

60 Days of Summer {SK film}

Detective K {SK film}

Monstrum {SK film}

The Accidental Detective2 {SK film}

Dong-Hwa {SK film}

Mothers {SK film}

Adulthood {SK film}

Door Lock {SK film}

My Son’s Crazy Wife {SK film}

After Love {SK film}

Duck Town {SK film}

New Old Story {SK film}

After My Death {SK film}

Eyelids {SK film}

No Mercy {SK film}

After Spring {SK film}

Notebook from My Mother {SK film}

Happy Together {SK film}

Ode to the Goose {SK film}

The Last 49 Days {SK film}

Herstory {SK film}

On Your Wedding Day {SK film}

America Town {SK film}

HeungBoo: The Revolutionist {SK film}

Ordinary People {SK film}

Autumn, Autumn {SK film}

High Society {SK film}

Outdoor Begins {SK film}

Saem {SK film}

Be with You {SK film}

What a Man Wants {SK film}

SECHSKIES Eighteen {SK film}

Be-Bop-A-Lula {SK film}

The Whispering {SK film}

True Fiction {SK film}

Seoul {SK film}

Beautiful Days {SK film}

Wiretap {SK film}

Seven Years of Night {SK film}

Beautiful Vampire {SK film}

The Witch 1 {SK film}

Snatch Up {SK film}

Too Hot to Die {SK film}

Believer {SK film}

The Witness {SK film}

Soldier’s Mementos {SK film}

Twenty Two {SK film}

Bittersweet Brew {SK film}

The Wrath {SK film}

Soseongri {SK film}

The Black {SK film}

Wretches {SK film}

The Soul-Mate {SK film}

Broker {SK film}

Spy Gone North {SK film}

Champion {SK film}

Stand by Me {SK film}

TwiceLand {SK film}

Burn the Stage {SK film}

Youngju {SK film}

Cinema With You {SK film}

Student A {SK film}

Burning {SK film}

The Vanished {SK film}

Sunset In My Hometown {SK film}

Cheese in Trap {SK film}

Unstoppable {SK film}

Swing Kids {SK film}

Control {SK film}

Unfinished {SK film}

Gate {SK film}

Park Hwa-Young {SK film}

The Gateless Gate {SK film}

Jamsil {SK film}

Passing Summer {SK film}

Gisaeng: Flower’s Confession {SK film}

Keys To The Heart {SK film}

Possible Faces {SK film}

Land of Happiness {SK film}

Golden Slumber {SK film}

The Pension {SK film}

Last Child {SK film}

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum {SK film}

Princess & the Matchmaker {SK film}

Little Forest {SK film}

Grass {SK film}

Loser’s Adventure {SK film}

Psychokinesis {SK film}

The Great Battle {SK film}

Love Again {SK film}

Puzzle {SK film}

Fantasy of the Girls {SK film}

Love+Sling {SK film}

Take Point {SK film}

Illang: Wolf Brigade {SK film}

Feng Shui {SK film}

Taklamakan {SK film}

In Between Seasons {SK film}

Fifth Column {SK film}

The Backstreet Noir {SK film}

Intention {SK film}

The Drug King {SK film}

For Vagina’s Sake {SK film}

Intimate Strangers {SK film}

The End {SK film}

Rampant {SK film}

The Negotiation {SK film}

Revenger {SK film}

The Soup {SK film}

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