April 24, 2024
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Here is the list of Highest 2020 best korean drama list & best Korean movies 2020, also 2020 Korean drama list completed & all korean movie 2020 netflix below! Get ready & update your watching list!”

2020 Best Korean Drama List

Top 18 Korean dramas of 2020

Start-Up {SK serial}

Lie After Lie {SK serial}

Run On {SK serial}

Stranger 2 {SK serial}

It’s Okay Not Be Okay {SK serial}

Sweet Home {SK serial}

Penthouse {SK serial}

Flower of Evil {SK serial}

Mr. Queen {SK serial}

Itaewon Class {SK serial}

The Uncanny Counter {SK serial}

Royal Secret Agent {SK serial}

Penthouse 2 {SK serial}

True Beauty {SK serial}

Kairos {SK serial}

Hospital Playlist {SK serial}

King: Eternal Monarch {SK serial}

Backstreet Rookie {SK serial}

2020 korean drama list completed

2020 Korean Drama List

All 2020 Korean drama list completed!

My Wonderful Life {SK serial}

18 Again {SK serial}

Alice {SK serial}

My Holo Love {SK serial}

Hera: Goddess of Revenge {SK serial}

My Unfamiliar Family {SK serial}

Awaken {SK serial}

King Maker {SK serial}

365: Repeat The Year {SK serial}

My Dangerous Wife {SK serial}

Kingdom Season 2 {SK serial}

More Than Friends {SK serial}

Delayed Justice {SK serial}

Hi Bye Mama {SK serial}

Kkondae Intern {SK serial}

Dinner Mate {SK serial}

King: Eternal Monarch {SK serial}

Mr. Queen {SK serial}

Kairos {SK serial}

DoDo SolSol LaLa Sol {SK serial}

Homemade Love Story {SK serial}

Money Game {SK serial}

Do You Like Brahms? {SK serial}

How to Buy Friend {SK serial}

Man in a Veil {SK serial}

Dr. Romantic 2 {SK serial}

Memorials {SK serial}

Lie After Lie {SK serial}

Memorist {SK serial}

Live On {SK serial}

Men are Men {SK serial}

Love Revolution {SK serial}

Missing: The Other Side {SK serial}

A Love So Beautiful {SK serial}

Lovestruck in the City {SK serial}

P cont. {SK serial}

Mom Has an Affair {SK serial}

A Piece of Your Mind {SK serial}

No Matter What {SK serial}

Here {SK serial}

Penthouse {SK serial}

Game: Towards Zero {SK serial}

No, Thank You {SK serial}

The Good Detective {SK serial}

Please Don’t Date Him {SK serial}

Nobody Knows {SK serial}

Good Casting {SK serial}

Wings, Fly Up {SK serial}

Hospital Playlist {SK serial}

Private Lives {SK serial}

Hush {SK serial}

Graceful Friends {SK serial}

Hyena {SK serial}

World of the Married {SK serial}

Mystic Popup Bar {SK serial}

Phoenix 2020 {SK serial}

School Nurse Files {SK serial}

Search {SK serial}

She Knows Everything {SK serial}

The Silent Sea {SK serial}

Soul Mechanic {SK serial}

Spies Who Loved Me {SK serial}

Zombie Detective {SK serial}

When My Love Blooms {SK serial}

Start-Up {SK serial}

XX {SK serial}

Stranger 2 {SK serial}

When the Weather is Fine {SK serial}

Sweet Home {SK serial}

Welcome {SK serial}

Sweet Munchies {SK serial}

Tale of the Nine Tailed {SK serial}

Royal Secret Agent {SK serial}

Team Bulldog {SK serial}

Tell Me What You Saw {SK serial}

Cheat On Me If You Can {SK serial}

Record of Youth {SK serial}

Chip In {SK serial}

The Uncanny Counter {SK serial}

Touch {SK serial}

Backstreet Rookie {SK serial}

Rugal {SK serial}

Birthcare Center {SK serial}

Was It Love {SK serial}

Born Again {SK serial}

Train {SK serial}

It’s Okay Not Be Okay {SK serial}

Brilliant Heritage {SK serial}

The Cursed {SK serial}

Run On {SK serial}

True Beauty {SK serial}

Eccentric! Chef Moon {SK serial}

Oh My Baby {SK serial}

Extracurricular {SK serial}

Once Again {SK serial}

Fatal Promise {SK serial}

The Penthouse 2 {SK serial}

Find Me in Your Memory {SK serial}

Idol’s Doctor {SK serial}

Flower of Evil {SK serial}

I cont. {SK serial}

Forest {SK serial}

Itaewon Class {SK serial}

Best Korean Movies 2020

Man Standing Next {SK film}

Deliver Us from Evil {SK film}

Peninsula {SK film}

Hitman {SK film}

Alive {SK film}

Pawn {SK film}

Steel Rain 2 {SK film}

Samjin Company English Class {SK film}

Collectors {SK film}

Honest Candidate {SK film}

All Korean Movies 2020 Netflix & others

Dogs in the House {SK film}

Don’t Cry for Me Sudan {SK film}

Montmartre de Papa {SK film}

Secret Zoo {SK film}

Gang {SK film}

Man Standing Next {SK film}

Mr. Zoo: Missing VIP {SK film}

Hitman: Agent Jun {SK film}

Tiny Light {SK film}

Land of Seonghye {SK film}

Death Cab {SK film}

The Closet {SK film}

Miniforce: Dino King {SK film}

Honest Candidate {SK film}

Spirit: Beginning of Fear {SK film}

Beasts Clawing at Straws {SK film}

Pray {SK film}

Heart {SK film}

Shiho {SK film}

The Rainy Season {SK film}

Untold {SK film}

Lucky Chan-sil {SK film}

The Nightmare {SK film}

Dreamer {SK film}

Move the Grave {SK film}

Are You in Love? {SK film}

Justice High {SK film}

Search Out {SK film}

Ghost Ship {SK film}

Invitation {SK film}

Time to Hunt {SK film}

The Hill of Wind {SK film}

Last Blues, Last Dance {SK film}

Hotel Lake {SK film}

Beyond That Mountain {SK film}

Shooting Girls {SK film}

Jukdo Surfing Diary {SK film}

Boy From Nowhere {SK film}

Our Cat {SK film}

King of Prison {SK film}

Sixball {SK film}

Bori {SK film}

Jazzy Misfits {SK film}

Free Minu {SK film}

Run Boy Run {SK film}

The Lapse {SK film}

Somewhere in Between {SK film}

Intruder {SK film}

A French Woman {SK film}

Innocence {SK film}

Eyes on Me {SK film}

Can You Hear Me? {SK film}

Me and Me {SK film}

Baseball Girl {SK film}

Hot Blooded Detective {SK film}

Alive {SK film}

The Singer {SK film}

Si, Nario {SK film}

A Bedsore {SK film}

Killerswell: Our Space {SK film}

Road Family {SK film}

Fanfare {SK film}

Teuri {SK film}

Resurrection {SK film}

Peninsula {SK film}

Gwangju Video: The Missing {SK film}

The Prisoner {SK film}

Steel Rain2: Summit {SK film}

Again {SK film}

Ruby {SK film}

Deliver Us from Evil {SK film}

OK! MADAM {SK film}

Welcome to Guesthouse {SK film}

Moving On {SK film}

The Therapist {SK film}

Remain {SK film}

Farewell Restaurant {SK film}

Fukuoka {SK film}

Oh! My Gran {SK film}

On July 7 {SK film}

Journey to Kailash {SK film}

Beauty Water {SK film}

The Art of Loving {SK film}

Please Don’t Save Me {SK film}

Woman Who Ran {SK film}

Magica {SK film}

The Swordsman {SK film}

Diva {SK film}

Samsara {SK film}

Break the Silence {SK film}

Da Capo – 2019 {SK film}

The Golden Holiday {SK film}

Pawn {SK film}

Night of the Undead {SK film}

The Wandering Chef {SK film}

P1H {SK film}

The Name {SK film}

Voice of Silence {SK film}

Stone Skipping {SK film}

Samjin Company English Class {SK film}

Mr. Trot: The Movie {SK film}

Paper Flower {SK film}

Light for Youth {SK film}

Take Me Home {SK film}

Collectors {SK film}

More Than Family {SK film}

The Day I Died {SK film}

The Call {SK film}

Josée {SK film}

Boys be!! {SK film}

See here all years list!

also see next year 2021 list here!

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