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Hwang Minhyun Profile, Ideal Type, Girlfriend, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More
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Hwang Minhyun Profile

Stage Ireum: Minhyun 

In Korean: 민현

Birth Ireum: Hwang Minhyun 

In Korean: 황민현

HMH Birthday: 9th of August 1995

HMH Zodiac Star: Leo

MH Chinese Star: Pig

HMH Nationality: Korean

MH Religion: Christian

Minhyun Height: 5’11″

HMH Weight: 67kg 

HMH Blood Type: O

MH Professions: Singer, Songwriter & Actor

MH Agency: Pledis Entertainment

MH Debuted: 2012


MH Instagram: @optimushwang



Facts about Hwang Min Hyun 

Family/Early life:

= Busan is where Minhyun was actually born & raised.

= Plus Hyun lived in a household with his parents, + grandmother, & an elder sister.

= So his sister Ireum is Hwang Sujin & she was actually born in 1994.

= Plus a puppy named Mell, a Dachshund, has been raised by his family.

= HMH graduated from SOPA & is currently enrolled in the KPOP dep at Hanyang University.

= Plus HMH studied at Performing Arts (PA) Seoul School + Donga Middle School + Hoam Elementary School + Gwangan Kindergarten.

Professional life:

= South Korean singer & actor Minhyun is actually signed under the company namely Pledis Entertainment.

= Min was formerly part of the boy bands WannaOne & NU’EST.

= Min made his NU’EST début in 2012.

= Back on Feb 2023, Min made his solo début with the publication of the album called “Truth Or Lie” & the first single called “Hidden Side.”

= When Min took absent from school & enjoying a grilled chicken stick, Pledis Ent discovered him.

= He took participated in Produce101 alongside JR, REN, & Baekho, they’re other three NU’EST members.

= Min finished PD101 in ninth place & made his Wanna One début.

= Despite making his début with Wanna One, Min established himself as 1 among the group visuals.

= Since 2019, Min has served as an ambassador & face for the high-end company Moncler.

= Following Wanna One split up, Min joined his first band, NU’EST.

= Sadly, NU’EST was dissolved on March 2022.

= Min additionally modeled for namely Guerlain Paris & Jo Malone.

= Also, the 2016 Japanese film called “Their Distance” featured Minhyun, Ren, & JR.

= Min performed as a backup performer in the “Wonder Boy” music video.

= Min made his acting début in the “Live On” serial.

= Min appeared in the Korean plays called “Alchemy of Souls,” + “Live On,” etc.

= In 2019, HMH was featured in the program called musical Marie Antoinette prior to making his professional acting début.

Hobbies, specialties, friends, role model, likes & dislikes:

= He’s a conservative, sarcastic, & knowledgeable person.

= Within Wanna One, hyun symbolizes as “dad.”

= Minhyun had a childhood ambition to become president of the country of South Korea.

= Min gained notoriety for his well-known butt-giggling dance.

= Min is fluent in Japanese.

= Min doesn’t consume alcohol or coffee.

= Due to a childhood mishap on a waterslide, Min has a minor scar close to his eye.

= Hyun composes music + writes lyrics, & plays the piano.

= Min’s inspirations are the KPop boy band TVXQ & singer Eric Benet.

= Despite his lack of cooking skills, he likes preparing meals at home.

= His interests include organizing & cleaning.

= He’s often compared to a desert fox & deer by his admirers.

= Min has a salt allergy.

= Min would develop rashes from an allergic response to min’s own sweating plus even while dancing.

= He already holds a driver’s license.

= Prior to making his début, Min had many moles removed off his face.

= He was given the moniker “Shanghai Boy.”

= Plus, Hwang, Hwangje, Hwangjegalryang, + Hwang Sweet, & Desert Fox represent a few of his monikers.

= He utilizes a variety of air fresheners, including scented candles, + diffusers, & incense sticks, due to his sensitivity to smells.

= Even though he appears to be peaceful, Min is actually a jokester.

= Hwangdo is the name of his fanbase.

= If Min were a girl, according to Daehwi, he would get married to her.

= He is a skilled photographer.

= He had a puppy plushie which his mum had bought for him, & he constantly cuddled it while he slept.

= He gave the doll the title Dung.

= WannaOne played ‘Rock-Paper-Scissors’ actually when deciding which rooms to take when they initially moved into the dorm.

= Min used to talk with a Busan accent. However, the CEO of Pledis persuaded him to change it.

= Former roommates Jihoon, Jaehwan, + Woojin, Guanlin, & Min shared a space/room together.

= He follows his mother’s instructions to the letter & has studied the piano, art, + taekwondo, & kendo.

= He has lengthy legs & six-pack abs, giving him a model-like body.

= He barely cries.

= Min has a 30inches waist.

Hwang Minhyun Girlfriend: / Who is Hwang Minhyun Girlfriend?

= He didn’t actually date anyone. Min had actual dating experience merely via messages while he was back in the ninth grade, & they didn’t even hold hands & hugged prior to their break up.

Hwang Minhyun Ideal Type:

= A person who is elder than him, + has short hair, & can speak well is actually Minhyun ideal type.

= They both look alike.

What type of allergy Hwang Minhyun has?

= Min has a salt allergy.

Hwang Minhyun Dramas

= Sturdy Group + Year: 2023 + Role: Main

= My Lovely Liar + Year: 20123 + Channel: tvN + Episode: 16 + Role: Main

= Alchemy of Souls 2 + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Episode: 10 + Role: Main

= Alchemy of Souls + Year: 2022 + Channel: tvN + Episode: 20 + Role: Main

= Live On + Year: 2020 + Channel: JTBC + Episode: 8 + Role: Main (JTBC / 2020) – Go Eun-Taek

= Reckless Family 3 + Year: 2013 + Episode: 31 + Role: Support

Hwang Minhyun Movies

= Their Distance + Year: 2016+ Role: Support

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