May 28, 2024
Kim Sejeong Profile, Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Interesting Facts, Dramas & More
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Kim Sejeong Profile

Real Ireum: Kim Se Jeong

In Korean: 김세정

Stage Ireum: Sejeong 

In Korean: 세정

KSJ Nickname: Sejeong & God Sejong

Birthday of KSJ: August 28, 1996

KSJ Zodiac Sign: Virgo

KSJ Birthplace & City: Gimje, North Jeolla

KSJ Birth Country: SK

KSJ Nationality: Korean

KSJ Height: 5’5″

KSJ Weight: 48 kg

KSJ Blood Group: AB

KSJ Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

KSJ Profession: Actress & Singer

KSJ Fandom Ireum: Sesang (signifying “world” in Korean language)

KSJ Instagram: @clean_0828 

KSJ 2nd Instagram Acc: @official_kimsejeong


KSJ Twitter: @0828_kimsejeong


KSJ V Live: 김세정 (KIM SE JEONG)

Intresting Facts about Kim Sejeong

Early life:

= 세정 birthplace & homeland in South Korea’s city or area North Jeolla, Gimje.

= Plus, she has a 1 sibling brother who’s elder.

= Also, she attended the university called Hanyang Women’s University.

Professional life:

= Singer profession:

= South Korean vocalist Sejeong serves under the Jellyfish Ent label.

= Sejeong once belonged to the girl band namely, “Gugudan” & “I.O.I.”

= Se received first prize in a writing contest back when she was eighteen years.

= Plus, she took part in Korean pop music Star 2 during 2012.

= She has gained the honor of being the first Korean solo vocalist to take victory in a live singing challenge performing the track “Flower Road.”

= Plus she earned the moniker “God Sejong” during the time she competed in Produce101 due to her consistently finishing in the top two spots.

= Before making an appearance on Produce101, she served as a trainee lasting a single year.

= KSJ served as the 2016 host of namely, “Talents for Sale.”

= During 2017, KSJ was appointed “Get It Beauty” full-time MC.

= She competed in namely, “King of Mask,” unfortunately, she failed in the first round.

= Next, she performed the track “Lover” which was the OST of the Korean play Mr. Sunshine during in 2018.

= Furthermore, she also recorded “All My Days” that was  “Crash Landing on u” OST in 2019.

= Next, in 2019 she once again took part in namely, King of Mask & finished in the top three.

= She delivered the self-composed Soundtrack “Meet Again” based on the Kdrama namely, The Uncanny Counter back in 2020.

= Moreover, all the songs featured on the album namely, “I’m” album, which came out on the 29th of March in 2021, were written & composed by her.

= Acting career:

= Next, she appeared alongside Eunwoo on the show Lotte Water Park Commercial.

= Next, KSJ played a pivotal role in play School 2017. KSJ made an appearance in “Galileo” in 2018.

Hobbies, specialties, friends, role model, likes & dislikes:

= KSJ’s areas of expertise include singing & musical enjoyment.

= Subsequently, it was disclosed in a note that KSJ felt awful for her mother since they were struggling financially.

= She urged her mother to hold off till the time when she could consistently support her entire family.

= Sejeong excels in mimicking the expressions of animated characters.

= Plus, Wendy from Red Velvet, +  Naeun from April,  + Jiwon from Spica, & Jiyeon from Tara they all are her buddies.

= Plus, IU is a soloist she admires & her role model.

= Also, her interests include painting & rewatching films.

= Approximately $4 million is KSJ’s reported net worth.

= She appears to be skilled with a recurve bow.

Kim Sejeong ideal type:

= A person who’s mature at a young age actually is her ideal type.

Kim Sejeong boyfriend:

= Ahn Hyoseop: Sejeong & Hyoseop are frequently shipped by admirers as an outcome of the renowned sitcom Business Proposal, which featured them as the protagonist pair. Additionally, there aren’t any indications that the two are in a relationship, though.

Kim Sejeong Dramas

= Uncanny Counter 2 + Year: 2023 + Channel: tvN + Episodes: 12 + Role: Main

= Today’s Webtoon + Year: 2022 + Channel: SBS + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

= Business Proposal + Year: 2022 + Channel: SBS + Episodes: 12 + Role: Main

= Uncanny Counter + Year: 2020 + Channel: OCN + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

= I Wanna Hear ur Song + Year: 2019 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 32 + Role: Main

= School 2017 + Year: 2017 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 16 + Role: Main

= Sound of ur Heart + Year: 2016 + Channel: KBS2 + Episodes: 20 + Role: Guest

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