May 28, 2024
Lee Do Hyun Profile, Interesting Facts, Girlfriend, Dramas & More
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Lee Do Hyun Profile/ About

Real ireum: Lim Dong Hyun

In Korean: 임동현

Stage ireum: Lee Do Hyun 

In Korean: 이도현

Birthday& year: 11th of April 1995

LDH native home: Goyang, Gyeonggi

Country: South Korea

Star: Aries

Chinese Star: Pig

LDH Nationality: Korean

Height: 6’0″

LDH Blood Type: A

LDH Profession: Actor

LDH Agency: Yuehua Ent

LDH Debut: 2017

Girlfriend of Dohyun: Lim Ji Yeon

LDG Instagram Acc: @ldh_sky

Dohyn Fancafe: @leedohyunofficial

Website: 이도현

Lee Do Hyun Facts

DoHyun Early life:

= He majored in drama/Theater at ChungAng University.

= During high school, Hyun was a (BB) basketball player.

= LDH has only 1 younger brother named Im Dong Hyuk.

= LDH’s brother (Im Dong Hyuk) has an (ID) intellectual disability.

= Dohyun religion is Christianity.

= As Dohyun previously remarked, he was a pupil who became well-known for his relay running talent at (ES) elementary school.

= Via his acting, he hopes to establish himself as a “Trusted Artist”.

= He started thinking about an acting profession in high school. 

= He solely concentrated on playing basketball prior to choosing to pursue a career as an actor.

= During high school, Hyun began attending acting classes.

= Hyun’s dad was persuaded to let him fulfill his dream of becoming a professional actor by his acting school instructor.

= He took a one-year absence from college prior to enrolling at ChungAng University due to failing the college entrance test. 

= He had been doing a temporary job at a cafe during that time.

Pet, hobbies, friends, likes & dislikes:

= He owns a Welsh Corgi (WC) called Gaeul.

= Also, he has trained & studied in both acrobatics & dance.

= Hyun excels at playing futsal alongside basketball.

= Hyun is talented in sports overall.

= Some of his hobbies involve playing the guitar, plus basketball, also with his dog.

= Hyun was most eager to visit Dubrovnik, which is located in Croatia. 

= Hyun frequently dresses in athletic or training attire since he is not really interested in style.

= Hyun said he desired the capacity of teleportation when someone questioned what superpower he wanted.

= Dakdorittang, a sort of Korean (CS) chicken soup, ranks as one of his favorite dishes.

= Hyun can consume up to two glasses of alcohol soju due to his limited alcohol tolerance.

= He acknowledged Lee Byunghun, an actor, as an inspiration.

= Blue is one of his favorite colour.

= WOODZ and Dohyun have a good friendship.

Professional life:

= Hyun is a (YHE) Yuehua Ent actor.

= Hyun made his screen debut back in 2017 series called “Prison Playbook.”

= He gained popularity after appearing in the successful Netflix series called “Sweet Home” plus the Jtbc serial “18 Again.”

= Hyun’s performance in “18 Again” garnered him the Best Actor 2021 Awards.

Lee Dohyun Girlfriend

His girlfriend is currently actress named Lim Ji Yeon.

Lee Dohyun Dramas

= “Death Game” + Ep: 8 + Role: Guest 

= “Good Bad Mother” + Year: 2023 + Ep: 14 + Role: Main + Channel: JTBC

= “The Glory2” 2023 + Ep: 8 + Role: Main + Channel: Netflix 

= “The Glory” 2022 + Ep: 8 + Role: Main + Channel: Netflix

= “Melancolía” + Year: 2021 + Ep: 16 + Role: Main + Channel: tvN

= “Youth of May” + Year: 2021 + Ep: 12 + Role: Main + Channel: KBS2

= “Beyond Evil” + Year: 2021 + Ep:16 + Role: Guest + Channel: JTBC

= “18 Again” + Year: 2020 + Ep: 16 + Role: Main + Channel: JTBC

= “Sweet Home” + Year: 2020 + Ep: 10 + Role: Main + Channel: Netflix

= “The Great Show” + Year: 2019 + Ep:16 + Role: Main + Channel: tvN

= “Hotel Del Luna” + Year: 2019 + Ep: 16 + Role: Support + Channel: tvN

= “Clean With Passion” + Year: 2018 + Ep:16 + Role: Support + Channel: JTBC

= “Still 17” + Year: 2018 + Ep: 32 + Role: Support + Channel: SBS

= “Prison Playbook” + Year: 2017 + Ep: 16 + Role: Guest + Channel: tvN

Lee Dohyun Movies

= “Summer Night” + Year: 2017 + Role: Small Part 

= “The Unearthed Grave” + Year: 2023 + Role: Main

Lee Dohyun Shows

“Knowing Bros” + Year: 2015 + Ep: 246 + Role: Guest

“Running Man” + Year: 2010 + Ep: 496+499+510+533 + Role: Guest

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