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K-Drama Oasis Review Plot Its Cast And Ending
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“2023 K-Drama Oasis Review Plot Its Cast And Ending: A Tale of Love, Friendship & Dreams”

English Title: Oasis

Korean Title: 오아시스

Total Ep: 16

Channel & Country: KBS2 (South Korea)

Last Ep: 25th April

Genre: Romance, Drama & Historical

Oasis Plot

South Korea underwent a governmental shift in the 1980s, which caused chaos and societal unrest. 2 buddies, Lee DooHak (Jang Dong Yoon) & CheolWoong (Choo Young Woo), were attempting to make their way through (HS) high school but also adolescence in a tiny village in the Jeolla District. But when Oh JungShin (Seol InAh), a student from Seoul, moved to their school, their existence was irrevocably changed.

This trio sooner grew to be close mates, however over time, these 2 boys began to develop love emotions for JungShin, which caused them to compete for her affection. But events beyond their hands started to shake up their young lives. DooHak’s family experienced tragedy as a result of an unexpected event, which motivated him to use violence and take vengeance.

Oasis Cast

K-Drama Oasis Review Plot Its Cast And Ending

Oasis Review / Summary

KBS2 appears to be adopting this 80s-era drama style, complete with harrowing scenes interspersed with stories about the grandeur of youth. The main actors presented such captivating depictions. Also, you are able to observe the kindness in DooHak, the vanity in CheolWoong, and the hope in JungShin. The main actors convincingly embody their personalities, who’re realistically portrayed.

Oasis, which takes place in the 1980s and 1990s, depicts the friendship between 3 young individuals who experience life’s harsh realities early on.

DooHak is trained to submit to CheolWoong, a well-known warrior for the Independent Movement and the child of his dad’s master. It’s also not a smart plan to outperform him academically. His father constantly cautions him to keep in mind just what the Choi clan means to his family, which only distress him.

DooHak and CheolWoong ultimately become buddies & fall in love with Seoul transferee JungShin. The 2 boys win JungShin’s love, and she determines that they should first become friends prior to she can choose whom to date.

But she can’t help but feel a warm, genuine affection for DooHak. They sealed their youthful love with a warm kiss, unaware that CheolWoong already knew they felt the same way about each other.

However, DoHak subsequently; entered prison and was eventually freed; in contrast, JungShin continued her father’s movie theatre.


K-Drama Oasis Ending: Happy or Sad

Oasis Ending:

What an amazing journey. From the very start to the very end, the serial was a melodrama involving a lot of upsetting sequences.

All hell bursts out as soon as Woong finds out that Doohak is alive as well as, more crucially, reunited with Jungshin. On the one side, Doohak only wants to move Jungshin along with his family to another area where they may live happily.

However, he cannot simply get up & leave without infuriating Woong. Doohak meets with Cheolwoong and demands that the accusations against him be dropped. On one condition, he is willing to forgive Wong for his wrongdoings.

Stepping forward, Jungshin declares his intention to defend Doohak, even if it means having her pass away at his side. Doohak feels trapped now since he cannot leave without the woman he loves, so he continues the plans he began with Manok.

The last task is to obtain a tape of Choongsung saying that he planned & ordered the execution of Doohak’s father; however, they are additionally in the middle of defrauding Yeojin of a significant sum of money. Later on, Manok will then retire and take his wealth and depart from the country.

Finally, Manok reveals that Choongsung is not actually the biological father of Cheolwoong.

Unexpectedly, Choongsung is aware! He was aware of the results of the DNA test, but since he adores Yeojin so much, he has chosen to keep the truth hidden. And as a result, he must also bury Manok.

Manok is shot by Choongsung, resulting in Manok falling into the water, who then arranges for the governing party to cover the killing.

Doohak has a recording of the entire discussion. Doohak is now formally listed as sought. Yeojin is aware that if the audio file is made public, it will bring down Choongsung also his entire family.

Cheolwoong, who is pointing a pistol at Doohak, orders Dohak to turn himself in plus give the recording device he holds. Later, a few men shoot Doohak. Cheolwoong is gonna be shot by Choongsung’s guys as well.

Cheolwoong guards his biological mother. Doohak looks to be dying when Choongsung shoots him. As Cheolwoong expresses regret for everything he’s done, every person gathers around Dohak to weep.

Oasis Review & ending

At the End:

Finally, at last, Yeojin is now residing at a mental hospital; she’s insane & delusional due to all the lies Yeojin told throughout her life.

Unfortunately, Amdaek does not share any romance/ love with Poongho.

Choongsung has finally been taken into custody, but he chooses to throw himself to his death instead of facing his charges.

Doohak has been alive, and his identity has been cleared out, which is another twist.

As they used to, the trio’s primary characters are peacefully watching a film alongside one another in their hometown.

Has “Oasis” had a happy ending?

Indeed, it does. In conclusion, our heroes exact their vengeance, and everything returns to normal.

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