April 24, 2024
K-Drama Delivery Man Review, Plot, Cast And Ending
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“K-Drama Delivery Man Review, Plot, Cast And Ending”

Korean title: 딜리버리맨

English title: Delivery Man

Genre: Supernatural + Romance plus Comedy & Mystery

Total Ep: 12

Country: South Korea

Last Episode on: April 6

Delivery Man Plot

Delivery Man builds quickly to an orderly sketch of unexpected encounters, mystery, and inspiring tales. Delivering Man tells the tale of a cab driver, YoungMin, (Yoon Chan Young) finds himself taking spirits as passengers. Strangely, he sees himself solely transporting and fulfilling the requests of these otherworldly travellers.

So, one day, Kang JiHyun (Bang Min Ah) boards YoungMin’s cab, but there’s a catch: she has really no memory of her previous existence also is unable to get out of the car. She decides to take on the role of sales manager for YoungMin’s cab.

YoungMin and JiHyun work together to grant the requests of different spirits using the taxi, also taking on the job/ task of discovering a serial killer. Also, they try to stop the crime happening in the hospital also with the support of KyuJin (Kim Min Seok), a charming and devoted ER doctor.

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Delivery Man Cast

K-Drama Delivery Man Review, Plot, Cast And Ending

KDrama Delivery Man Review or Synopsis

After his mom’s death, the hardworking & gentle YoungMin took on the role of taking care of himself as well as his grandma. He works as a private cab driver to support himself. Unfortunately, in order to repay the debt he took out, he must collect 20000 KRW; otherwise, their home will be forcibly taken from him.

The plot twist occurs when he discovers a cell phone in his cab his destiny takes a new path. When he touched the object, it somehow triggered a spirit with no memory.

The ghost is discovered to be JiHyun, whose case the authorities are presently looking into. YoungMin can’t help but let the cab occupant live there after realizing she become attached to it. His circumstance worsens when his cab turns into a vacant space for ghosts to haunt, confirming the theory he read about drawing ghosts.

JiHyun persuaded him that even though he had the choice of selling his taxi, he could make a livelihood operating solely a “ghost taxi”. JiHyun’s suggestion appears to be a good one for YoungMin because they assist a ghost parent who wants to donate his hidden riches to cover his daughter’s medical expenses. Additionally, he gives YoungMin some jewels for outfits.

They both did fantastic cooperation but the story get heated when YoungMin and JiHyun attempted to high-five & Min saw his mum’s hairband in JiHyun’s hand.

K-Drama Delivery Man Review, Plot, Cast And Ending

Delivery Man Ending: Happy or Sad

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