May 28, 2024
K-Drama Love To Hate You Review, Ending, Cast, Plot
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The “Love To Hate You” serial launched on 10 Feb 2023 and has 10 ep in total.

If you haven’t watched this drama yet get ready & watch now.

Here you can read about Love To Hate You Review, Love To Hate You cast, Love To Hate You plot, Love To Hate You trailer Love To Hate You ending & more.

Love To Hate You Plot / Love To Hate You Review

A guy who is extremely suspicious of women & a lady who doesn’t want to lose any man is the theme of the romantic comedy serial Love To Hate You. They find solace through their bickering romance during the process. The primary preview, which provides a look at the characteristics of the lead actors, was dropped alongside the news of the première.

Audiences will become engrossed in the storyline from the antagonistic 1st interaction of the 2 main characters, which is molded by a misunderstanding but also suspicion as a result of biases, to the voyage of these 2 characters, who don’t believe in the term love, getting to finally understand each other.

Watch trailer here!

Love To Hate You cast role

Yeon MiRan, a very skilled in (MA) martial arts who works as a lawyer, is performed by (KOB) Kim Ok Bin.

Teo Yoo plays KangHo, the best actor who also captivated Korea.

The next role WonJoon, acted by star Kim Ji Hoon. WonJoon is Kang’s manager but also his closest friend who quickly recognized the limits or restrictions of his acting abilities and altered his profession as an actor.

Lastly, As Shin NaEun, MiRan’s closest friend. She also has a genius face that can make anyone fall in love without effort.

K-Drama Love To Hate You Review, Ending, Cast, Plot

About Kdrama Love To Hate You

English title called: Love To Hate You

Korean title written as: 연애대전

Ratings: 8.7/ 10

Drama genre: 2 genre: Comedy & romance

Love To Hate You Cast

Main Cast:

love to hate you cast /
 Love To Hate You Review

Supporting cast name:

Lee Jo Bin | Jung Kyu Soo | Kim Kang Hyun | Kim Sung Ryung | Han Seo Joon | Choi Yoon So | Song Ji Woo | Jeon Shin Hwan

Love To Hate You Ending: Happy or Sad

MiRan and KangHo eventually confessed their love for one another and began to develop their relationship, but they still had a difficult road ahead of them.

Later, the couple learned about the clip when it was eventually revealed to them. It was about MiRan’s previous relationships & her life.

When things got difficult, MiRan recommended that they call it quits on their relationship. However, KangHo disagreed with the choice and suggested that they only pretend that their relationship had ended while continuing in private.

KangHo Press Conference:

Later, KangOh holds a press conference in which he formally proposes to MiRan. However, she interrupts him at the last minute, stating that while she isn’t ashamed or guilty of her past, & ends the relationship because she does not want to create any problem for him.

Do They Eventually Get Along? Together or not?

In the end, some women who wish to remain anonymous joined together to express their gratitude to MiRan for saving them from risky relationships, heartache, and dishonest males.

In the meantime, the friend of MiRan and KangHo, conquer their differences and develop feelings for one another. In the serial Love To Hate You epilogue, KangHo walks back to MiRan, and the two closest friends achieve happiness.

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